Thursday, December 06, 2007

It's beginning to feel a little like Christmas

I have no explanation for why I haven't posted in nearly a week. Time just got away from me. (It's December already?!) That or I'm lazy, I guess.

So, what's been going on? Let's you want to hear about how New Guy and I ate pizza a couple of nights ago? No, I didn't think so.

There have been some fun Christmas-related things happening.

Over the weekend, I went on one of those limo Christmas light tours with my "drink and bitch" group. We wore Santa hats, drank, looked at lights (the Griswolds are alive and well and living in Tulsa, by the way--I'm hoping to get photographic evidence at some point), and attempted to sing Christmas carols. Only the Jewish girl could really remember most of the words, though. (In defense of the rest of us, we were drinking more than she was.) It was great fun.

I decided to take part in the Secret Blogger Santa organized by LSass and RA, and the first week's gifts have been successfully sent and received. I received a "virtual" cat named "Noel," and she's delightful--except for her insistence on peeing on the bed. (Seriously--was the programmer just having a little fun? 'Cause when you hit the "pee" button, she just meows and lets loose right there. Hee.) Big thanks to my Santa, whoever he/she (oh, who am I kidding...male bloggers are few and far between enough around here that I'm pretty sure it's a "she") is! Now I just have to come up with something to send next week that tops this week--oh, the pressure!

I can't believe we're a week into December, and I have not bought a single Christmas gift. I have an idea for my brother-in-law, and I'm just drawing a giant blank for the rest of my family. At this point I'm tempted to just get them all gift certificates and let them knock themselves out being philanthropic. (I made a donation yesterday that finished funding a project, and the teacher emailed me back almost immediately, telling me the entire class just stood up and gave me a cheer, and she herself was crying. about your warm fuzzies.)

We've got a chance of freezing rain this weekend, and I am not happy about that! New Guy is already freaking out at the thought of wintry precipitation--I may not be able to get him out of his house at all if hears the words "freezing" and "rain" in rapid succession. Heh.

My landlord has arranged to have the trim on my house painted and fixed up, and some shrub-trimming done that was beyond my reach, and he let me choose a new color for the front door (we're going with cranberry), and he's called every day to make sure they're doing what they're supposed to be doing. That may not sound like a big deal to you, but having a landlord that actually CARES about the property is still very new and exciting to me! (I once went without water in my kitchen sink for THREE MONTHS in my old house. THREE MONTHS! Why did I stay in that house for 11 years? It was oh, so cheap.)

Oh! I almost forgot! Steve the stray cat is going for a trial run at a potential adopter's house this weekend! She's very nice, and I really, really, really hope this works out! Cross your fingers for Steve!

That just about catches you up, I think. My life is so exciting--try not to be jealous. Heh.


nancypearlwannabe said...

I am glad that you have not bought any Christmas gifts yet. It makes me feel better about my poor showing so far this December. :)

Stinkypaw said...

Happy for Steve, hey you managed to "pass along" the crazy pooch, Steve will do great!

That read like a fun time the limo tour! Must post pictures!

You should get your arse in gear and get your "real" gifts organised, but the virtual world is just as important, right?! ;-)
And you managed to fit in a new cat (thank Santa it's only virtual!)

Congrats on helping those kids, it does feel good to help others doesn't it?

LOL when I read "freazing rain" 'come on!!! It hasn't stopped snowing here, a few breaks here and there but that's it! 'Gotta
love living here!

gorillabuns said...

i hope it doesn't sleet and snow here. i have a christmas party to attend and i need the break from my animals.

3carnations said...

Are you guys coated in ice? If so, new guy must really love that...It's no fun even for people who are used to it!

Mary said...

I hear that you guys got hit by that freezing rain afterall. Hope you're surviving it okay!

L Sass said...

A virtual cat! I have never heard of such a thing. Maybe a virtual dog would help my pet cravings?

Sauntering Soul said...

Uhm, so you don't want to hear how it's 80 degrees here in Atlanta do you? Or that I've been sleeping with my windows open at night because it's too hot in my house? Okay then. I won't tell you about it.

How in the heck did you go 3 months with no water in your kitchen sink? I just went without for a few hours last night and thought I'd lose my mind.

And I just bought my first Christmas presents a couple of days ago so don't feel bad.

Mariposa said...

Though I'm done with my decor, I'm still not done yet my shopping we will beat the holiday rush together, eh? ;)

3carnations said...

I'm guessing you're one of the many without power. I hope you're safe, that everything is OK...and maybe, just for fun, that you are stuck at home with new guy. (hopefully YOUR home so your pets are being cared for...) :)