Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm fine, thanks!

In case, after that last post, you were thinking that I had dropped into a deep abyss of endless sorrow. No, that crying jag seems to have gotten all that out of my system for now, and I've actually had a pretty good few days.

New Guy and I went to the opera as planned, then went to see the Japanese drummers "Yamato" last Wednesday. (And you should see them, too, if you get a chance...way cool!) Things are pretty much the same on the New Guy front all around...I'm trying hard not to worry about what's happening, and just let it happen. (Oh yeah, I'm still smitten. Just trying to keep an even keel here.)

Steve the stray is hanging out in my garage, being all laidback and sweet, and earning his keep by killing at least one baby rodent. (He beheaded and disemboweled it as well, and left it in a grisly pool of blood. Ewww...) Rover the inside cat, not to be outdone, killed HIS own baby rodent yesterday, as well. He, however, did not mutilate the little carcass. No, he just batted it around the room like it was a catnip toy, and became completely confused when I snatched it away from him. He searched and searched for his prize. What a mean mother I am! The real question, of course, is why Dolly and McBeady fell down on the job and allowed these tasty morsels to even enter the house. I must be feeding them too well.

I remain completely enamored of my yoga video. I've missed a few days of cardio here and there, but I never miss my yoga. I blame it for my current slow blogging pace,'s hard to work up a head of steam about anything when I'm feeling all zen and centered. I'm sure that will pass, though. Heh.

There have been little bits of sadness, of course. New Guy's 94-year-old grandmother (his last remaining grandparent) died, and he's on his way back home for the funeral. I lost MY last remaining grandparent at about the same age, a few years ago, so I know how that feels. The upside is that he gets to see his parents for the first time since July, and I know they'll be glad to have him there. He had just spent a long weekend visiting his kids, and now he'll get to see his whole extended family, and then when he gets back tomorrow night, I will be glad to see him! (And anxious to try some sort of only-in-Louisiana cookies he's been jonesing for ever since he's been here, and plans to bring back with him.)

I got my hair cut Friday by a new hairdresser, and I feel like a unfaithful whore. But I just wasn't really happy with the last couple of cuts my old guy gave me, so I tried a friend's stylist, instead. We'll have to see how it grows out, but I think she kind of understood more fully that I TRULY don't want to have to style my hair every day--I'll put a little product in it, but no blowdryers, no diffusers, no flat irons, no NOTHING. She said what I had looked like a great cut that would require some daily effort, and did the stylist "style" it after he cut it each time? And, yes...he did. He'd fill it up with product, attack it with his magical stylist fingers and the diffuser and I'd walk out of there looking great. Until I washed it, then it was all over. This gal deliberately did NOT style it, gave me some product tips, sent me out of there wet-headed, and told me to let her know how it turned out. So far, I think it's going to be okay. I would have liked her to take a little more length off, but I'm sure she was just being cautious with a new client. (Probably a prudent move...I used to have a stylist friend who told horror stories about clients coming in, asking for a short cut, leaving pleased, and then NOT stopping their husbands/boyfriends from calling my friend to threaten her life for cutting their woman's hair off. Sheesh.)

Okay, I think that catches you up. I'll try to wrangle some of these thought fragments floating around inside my head into something resembling a coherent post soon.

Maybe I'll just go off on a rant about local tv stations and their need to ENDLESSLY cover "severe" weather, to the point that they preempt the entire last half of "Pushing Daisies." AAARRRGGGGHHH!


3carnations said...

Actually, I thought something had happened with your infection and that was why you hadn't blogged. Glad you're doing well!

I keep thinking I would like yoga. I also keep thinking that my sometimes finicky back would like me to do yoga. But I will not GO somewhere to do yoga. I've got no time for that. Maybe a video, or a show so I can do it at my convenience. I saw a show one morning, but I can't remember when or what channel...

Enjoy the cookies with new guy. Never heard of 'em. :)

Stinkypaw said...

We had a mouse once in the house and Tobi didn't even see it! I don't have a hunter and I know it is because he's too well fed! Wonder if we'll get the same "alert" when we'll watched "Pushing Daisies",... We recorded them so... was that the 2nd or 3rd show?

Mousse said...

How severe could the weather actually be, if primetime programming is preempted a half hour ??? Never mind, I just googled "Weather in Tulsa, OK"...severe indeed. The humidity factor must be least your hair doesn't react, mine would be a gigantic 1970's disco style afro. Hehe~

Oh yeah, I also googled "STAGE PLANK COOKIES"...rectangular gingerbread cookie with faint pink icing....sounds YUMMY !! Enjoy.

lizgwiz said...

3car, you should definitely try a yoga video. Check out "Crunch Candlelight Yoga" with Sara Ivanohoe. (I ordered it online.) It's very relaxing, and she encourages you to do everything at your own pace.

stinkypaw, I think it was just our local affiliate that messed up "Pushing Daisies." They LOVE to do that. Sometimes I send them hateful emails about it.

mousse, yeah, we definitely get severe weather here...but we're used to it. We know what to do--why can't they just run a crawl across the bottom of the screen and break in on the commercials and leave it at that? The humidity does make my hair a bit...fuzzy. ;)

Sparkling Cipher said...

Glad to hear things are well with you. My condolences to New Guy. Even when you know they've lived long, fulfilling lives, it's still hard to say good-bye.

The news people in Tulsa do that too? Sometime I think the weathermen here have a contest with each other to see who can preempt the most minutes of tv shows. I like to know there's a tornado watch, but unless it's being called off or one has touched down, I don't need to be reminded. The little map in the corner of the screen is enough.

Noelle said...

congrats on embracing your cheatn' ways! I love when that works out for good.

L Sass said...

Whew! You're busy!!

I am all for being a hairstylist ho. Seriously, I think having a fresh perspective every 6 months or so is really helpful.

-R- said...

I have never heard of a "stageplank." I expect a full report when you find out what that is!

lizgwiz said...

spark, I'm guessing weatherpeople everywhere do that. It's aggravating.

noelle, I was so afraid that the universe would punish me, and I'd have to go crawling back to the old stylist to get him to fix the terrible damage. ;)

sass, why do we ever let stylists intimidate us into staying with them? The things we do to ourselves...

-r-, I know there is ginger, and there is frosting. Hopefully, I'll find out more. :)

stefanie said...

I ditched my old stylist for basically the same reason. The cut was always cute and stylish, but I had to STYLE it. Now I have very boring, basic hair, but at least it's low maintenance.

Also, I love yoga but get bored for some reason doing tapes at home. (I can do aerobics at home, but for yoga, I prefer an in-person class.) Of the tapes I've tried, though, you're right: I really like Sarah Ivanhoe.

stefanie said...

Oh, and by the way, I read this morning that Pushing Daisies was picked up for a full season! I'm a little shocked, but pleased. :-)

lizgwiz said...

Stef, good news about "Pushing Daisies!"

I think I'd be intimidated by an actual yoga class. I'd be worried about whether I was doing it "right," and comparing myself to everyone else. ;)

Anonymous said...

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