Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday. T.G.!!

Well, I think the arm is looking a little better. The center of the big circle is still dark red, and the outermost ring is still pretty red, but there's a definite lightening in between. If this keeps up, I'll probably have the Target logo beaming from my forearm in a day or two. Hee. I've become hyper-aware of the need to disinfect broken skin, I have to say. Last night New Guy gave himself a nasty paper cut and I instantly started in with the "Wash it really good! And put some neosporin on it! And put a band-aid on it! Don't let it get infected!" What, me overreact?

Anyone want a cat? A handsome black and white tuxedo cat has been hanging out at my house off and on for the last few days. The last 2-3 days it's been more on than off. He's very sweet, obviously somebody's pet at some point, and I don't know how he came to be on the streets, but more to the point, WHO THE HELL GAVE HIM MY ADDRESS? That invisible beacon, it beckons. Dolly and McBeady (who has been staying VERY close to home lately) are a bit suspicious--apparently they know he's not one of "their kind." But they let him eat without too much fuss. I was hoping he was just new to the neighborhood and exploring his new surroundings, but it's looking more like he's either lost or abandoned. Sigh. Maybe I can find someone to take him, since, unlike Dolly and McBeady, he's not even remotely feral. WHY DO THEY ALWAYS COME TO ME?

Double sigh.

Today promises to be the longest, slowest afternoon in recent history--the phone hasn't rung here in about two hours, and I only hope I can stay awake. I have much to do this weekend, none of it particularly fun--housework, yard work, grocery shopping. I'll try to fit in at least one really long workout, and some piano playing. Oh, my fabulously exciting life! (New Guy's kids are coming to visit him here for the first time, so I won't be seeing him, if you were wondering.)

Last week I bought a yoga workout video, and I must say I'm loving it. It's pretty gentle and relaxing, and I do it after my regular cardio/toning workout. I swear I can feel the difference in my hips after only one week! Very nice.

Look at me, being all healthy and shit. Hee. Lest you think I've gone completely into an all-healthy-all-the-time lifestyle, I will confess to you that yesterday I ate generous portions of both potato salad AND pasta salad, along with homemade peanut butter ice cream and a brownie. Or two. We had a cookout at work, and I figured since I wasn't eating the steak, I could splurge on the other stuff. Can you say "carb overload"? I couldn't, as I was too busy sitting like an overstuffed lump at my desk for the rest of the day, wanting all the while to put my head down on my arms and moan quietly.

And with that image, I will leave you. Good weekends, everyone!


Sparkling Cipher said...

I got a bug bite on my thigh night before last. It swelled up more that a normal mosquito bite, so of course, your bite in mind, I freaked out, cleaned it with soap and water, then alcohol, then put a gob of neosporin on it, and covered it with a band-aid that was ripped off four hours later so that I could make sure it wasn't getting worse. Sheesh. If only you could freak me into working out like you do, too.

I assume you are not ready to meet the kids....

3carnations said...

At first I thought you said there was "definite lightning" on your arm. I was thinking "That doesn't sound right..."

So, you're not quite yet being introduced to the kids. That's OK. It bugs me when people do that real quick. Not that you're not a keeper, I'm talking about other people. Specifically an acquaintance of ours. She asked her cheating husband to leave in May. In July she started dating. Last month the "family" (lady, kids and new guy) were all going to the apple orchard together. That's a family thing, not something for dude you're dating straight out of a marriage...Oh, never mind...

Noelle said...

I was thinking of getting a yoga video to replace my favorite most awesome wonderful yoga instructor who stopped teaching the class because she got a full-time job. I doubt it would ever be the same, but do you recommend the one you were using?

Stinkypaw said...

Happy to read your arm is getting better!

As for cats heading your way, it must be their "sixth sense" of something... they can feel a lot those little fur balls :-)

Hope you'll have a great weekend as well!

Mousse said...

I can't understand how these kitties find you (from a higher power, no doubt) I'm just always so pleased when they do... you're blessed with this "uncanny, nurturing small, helpless, cute animals aura". A quality personal attribute, if you ask me...groovy :-)

stefanie said...

Obviously there's some cat and dog version of hobo code, and your house has been marked with a "animal-friendly lady lives here" sign. Sorry about that.

lizgwiz said...

sparkling, better safe than sorry in the disinfecting game. And I'm happy to meet the kids whenever (if ever) he deems it appropriate, but that's definitely his call.

3car, I definitely think kids of divorced parents have enough to deal with without being treated to an endless round of suitors. And he's such a good dad, I knew there was no way I was meeting them on their first trip here. We didn't even have to discuss it. ;)

noelle, see my answer in your comments. :)

stinkypaw, they do seem to know where to come, don't they? Sigh.

mousse, I prefer to think of myself as "groovy," rather than "crazy," so thanks! Hee.

stef, I thought sure I'd turned off that "Vacancy" sign after Wiley, but apparently someone turned it back on when I wasn't looking. Damn it.

L Sass said...

Hope you ended up have a good weekend and that your arm is feeling better! I'm amazed that you're still working out and eating healthy... I would have given up on that stuff IMMEDIATELY.