Friday, October 12, 2007

Finally Friday

I just can't get myself into any sort of frame of mind to compose a coherent blog post today. Bullets!

  • I take my last antibiotic this evening. The arm looks good.
  • The lab results still aren't back on Steve. Do you know why? I know why, but only after two solid days of browbeating my vet's receptionist. Because, for some reason, for this particular test the lab sends the blood TO CALIFORNIA. The suspense is killing me, as I am now WAY attached to the sweetest kitty in the world. I simply must find him a home. All he needs is a room somewhere. Far away from the cold night air... (Insert Cockney accent here.)
  • I did a short yoga workout on my lunch hour yesterday to keep from killing my vet's receptionist and, do you know, it worked!
  • New Guy and I are going to the opera this weekend. "Tosca." Love that Puccini.
  • It's beautiful here today. Now if only the ragweed would stay out of my eyes. (Tulsa is the Ragweed Capital of the World. It's true. said so, and I believe them. Achoo!)

That's all, folks!


nancypearlwannabe said...

Blah, ragweed. I think Boston must be the hayfever capitol of the country. You know, if such a thing existed.

Edge said...

Wooohooooaaa! You keep your hands off his Puccini if you two are just dating!


Paisley said...

I would say that New Guy isn't so new anymore. It's time for a pseudo name!

...and YAY to you for finding a guy who wants to go to the Opera!


Paisley said...

I don't know why I capitalized opera.

I don't know why I feel compelled to share that with you.


L Sass said...

Wouldn't it be loverly?

That is all.

Noelle said...

I'm glad the arm is looking better. And yes, "new guy" seems to no longer be "new."

lizgwiz said...

npw, Tulsa will fight you for the title. ;)

edge, you naughty thing, you.

paisley, he LOVES opera. Probably even more than me, actually. I'm afraid to give him a blog name. I'm superstitious, and I know as soon as I do, he'll disappear. (Irrational, me?)

lsass, indeed it would. :)

noelle, it still kind of feels new. Probably because it's following such a LONG dry spell. ;)