Monday, September 10, 2007

Want some milk and sugar for that big bowl of words you're eating?

Yeah, remember when I smugly said I would NOT be spending a great deal of time on "that side of town"?

I've driven to "that side of town" more times than I can count in the last week. More times than I've done so in the last several YEARS.

I am apparently besotted.

I will, of course, start insisting at some point that he come to my house some nights, but for now he's got so much on his plate with the demanding new job, the trips to see his kids and trying to get everything unpacked and put away that I haven't the heart to do it.

I did his laundry this weekend while he was out of town.

See above re: apparent besottedness.

If he dumps me now, I'll...why, I'll...REFUSE TO DO ANY MORE OF HIS LAUNDRY.

That'll show him.


3carnations said...

Laundry...yep, that's besottedness. I was ready to take that laundry step before hubby was when we were dating. I had a washer and dryer at my house, while he had to use a laundromat. I offered to do his laundry, and he refused. He was, however, willing to bring it to my house to use my machine. :)

I'm so happy you're happy!

Mousse said...

Liz....This is just AWESOME !!!!!

Stinkypaw said...

LOL! That would show him! ;-)

-R- said...


stefanie said...

You are doing his laundry??? Woah. Careful, Liz. Never know WHAT he'll get you to do next!

I definitely wouldn't let him get too used to you coming to him. Once you establish patterns, it can be hard to break out of them. If he wants to see you, make him come to you every now and then still. :-)

That said, I'm very glad the bubble is still intact.

Also, I have been wondering... does Mr. New Guy Who Needs a Blog Name know about the blog yet??

lizgwiz said...

3car, last week he refused my offer to do it for him, and did it himself at my house. This week, I think he just had so much to do, he decided to trust me with it.

mousse, thanks! It is. I hope it continues to be.

stinkypaw, yeah...I can really make a threat, can't I? Hee.

-r-, I know. ;)

stef, I have told him why I'm being so accomodating right now, and might not be once he's all settled in--hopefully he took me seriously. I'm using a lot more gas than usual!

He does not yet know about the blog. Before I tell him, I might want to take a couple of old posts down. ;)

3carnations said...

He might have a blog of his own! :)

Noelle said...

Don't take the posts down, set them to draft. No man can change your past. And yeah, driving to the boyfriend's place, it becomes a bad habit.

L Sass said...

I don't find laundry-doing that "bad"... but only because I'm so finicky about how laundry gets done!

gorillabuns said...

just don't let him borrow any of your favorite cd's.

that always seemed to be the kiss of death for me in any relationship. i turned out to be a total psycho leaving messages like, "i don't care about you but i want my damn radiohead back you asshole!"

not that you will EVEN have to worry about this scenario.

lizgwiz said...

3car, I hadn't thought of that! Maybe some subtle probing is in order. ;)

noelle, there are just a couple that would concern me. Not that he shouldn't know those tales, but maybe they should be told in person, you know?

sass, he's a little finicky, too. I had to be sure to use his special allergen-free detergent and not try to fold anything. Hee.

gorillabuns, no CD loanage--check!

Whiskeymarie said...

You must be smitten. I don't even like doing my own laundry, let alone my Mr's.