Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Five times five

Boy, there is just nothing going on in my life to blog about right now. Except for...well, you know...but I'm trying to exercise some restraint on that topic. Suffice it to say that all is well. (For the moment, at least. You didn't think I was going to be completely and uncharacteristically positive, did you? Heh.)

So I'm just going to make some lists. It seems to be the trend of the week in this part of the blogosphere, so I'll jump right on that bandwagon. Here we go. Five lists of five.

Five Things I Love Right Now:

1. Friends who'll take (and keep) a stray dog
2. My new tattoo
3. Iced tea (my god, am I sleepy at the old desk this afternoon)
4. It's almost State Fair time--yay! for food on sticks
5. Falling asleep holding hands (okay, say it with me...awwwwwww)

Five Things I Hate Right Now:

1. That I've gone and made my digestive system so (relatively) healthy that when I overdo the dairy even just a little, I am punished. Damned healthy lifestyle!
2. My hair (It's been raining, and I'm overdue for a cut. BAD combination.)
3. Long, rainy afternoons that must be spent at work, and not cuddled up at home with a book
4. That my dog Pudge feels a bit neglected lately, poor baby
5. Ann Coulter (okay, that's more of an ongoing hate, but I just read where she was wishing someone would issue a fatwa against her--I've got your fatwa right here, bitch)

Five Places I Wish I Could Be Right Now:

1. New York City
2. Home on the couch with Pudge (or New Guy, you know...whichever)
3. Getting a massage
4. Anywhere in Europe
5. Hanging out with BFF on any random day during the summer of 1985 (okay, this would involve time travel, but we're just wishing here, right?) (oh, and except the day where I had to buy him the eyepatch while theoretically stoned--don't need to do THAT again)

Five Things I Wish I Could Do (and sure, I could take classes and accomplish some of these things, but that would be work; I just wish I could magically do them):

1. Really dance
2. Speak a second language fluently
3. Play the guitar
4. Jewelry metalsmithing
5. Paint (of the fine arts variety--I'm quite a fine house/room painter)

Five Famous People I'd Like to Meet:

1. Jon Stewart
2. Amy Sedaris
3. Christopher Durang
4. Meryl Streep
5. Posh Spice


5. Britney Spears

Oh, I'm a laugh riot today, aren't I?

Okay...I was going to wind up the list with Archbishop Desmond Tutu or former president Jimmy Carter, but I just realized I really would like to meet Britney. The current Britney. The crazy one. I want to see if the cuckoo juice is just seeping visibly out of her pores at this point. I'm a little ashamed. (But only a little. Come on--she's MUCH more interesting now, isn't she?)

And on that note, I'll just take my shame and head on out of here. Maybe I'll make myself put my head down on my desk and be quiet, like they used to do in grade school. Only then it was punishment--now it sounds like heaven. Heh.


3carnations said...

You meant holding New Guy's hand, right? Not with your own hands clasped together? :p

Food on a stick. Yummy. I already got my fair fix for this year.

stefanie said...

1. Your state fair is this late in the season?? Weird. I thought it was always a summer or end-of-summer thing.

2. If you can wish yourself anywhere you'd like, you can totally include time travel. Makes perfect sense to me!

3. I would like to be able to do about half of your list, too, but I'd also add "Sing" (which I know you can already do quite well yourself) and also a more obscure one: aerial dance. Like this. I've been fascinated by that stuff ever since the Devotchka show I went to last year. I bet it's an awesome workout, too.

L Sass said...

I would looooove to meet New Britney.

Although it would be hard to resist yelling, "Duuuuuude. Britney. Get yo shizz together."

nancypearlwannabe said...

Desmond Tutu was the speaker at my undergrad commencement! He's pretty amazing.

lizgwiz said...

3car, I did mean New Guy's hand, though a couple of nights ago I did hold Pudge's paw for a while on the couch. He was feeling needy. (Poor baby!)

stef, our state fair is always at the onset of fall. Which I like, since it makes it much more pleasant walking around. (Not a big fan of walking around in the Oklahoma summer heat.)

That aerial dance looks cool. And an awesome workout indeed, methinks!

lsass, I know. I might feel the need to shake her a few times.

npw, I saw him speak a couple of years ago, and he WAS amazing. Such humor and warmth. I'd love to talk to him one-on-one. I have a feeling it would be life-changing.

Brittny said...

Hi Liz, I just came upon your blog, and saw that you're an actress. I'm just getting back into it after a few years, and last night got a callback for a community theatre play. I don't really know any other actors at the moment, so I was wondering if I could ask you a couple questions? Sorry if this seems random. My email is if you have a moment, and I can pass along my q's. Thanks!

Mary said...

I hear that Jimmy Carter is a real sweetheart. Don't know if he'd be in my top 5, though. Gotta keep a space for the hotttness that is Joseph Fiennes. :D

gorillabuns said...

the state fair was last week for us and it was like 95 degrees.

somehow, i wasn't able to wash the fair funk out of my white t-shirt the first go around. a massive bleaching will now commence. it happens to be my favorite.

lizgwiz said...

Mary, I think Jimmy Carter is the best EX-president ever. He wasn't a good president, but I really admire what he's done since he left office. (And I wouldn't turn down a little tete-a-tete with either of the Fiennes boys. ;))

gorillabuns, we seem to be lucking out--looks like this weekend will be perfect fair weather. "Fair funk." Hee. Does that come on a stick?

Paisley said...

I would love to magically be able to play the guitar. I think I've signed up twice for community education classes and then canceled because I didn't want to HAVE to be somewhere every Sat. How lame is that?

Love your new tattoo, btw.

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