Friday, September 21, 2007

The Return of Friday Flotsam

So, Liz, are you still working out? How are Dolly and McBeady? You're not still doing that New Guy's laundry, are you?

I am still working out, thanks for asking. I will confess that I have not been QUITE so diligent. I've missed a day here or there this last month, but only a few. I'm still working out at least 5 days a week. Maybe not always the whole 75 minutes I was doing, but usually at least 40. I was pretty freaked out the first day I realized I wasn't going to manage to get the workout in, but then I realized, given my OCD tendencies, that I probably SHOULD miss an occasional day. It's good to shake up that routine occasionally. And the day after the missed workout, I realized I really MISSED the missed workout, and really enjoyed getting back to it. I seem to have become, without realizing it, someone who actually enjoys exercise. And I need to be someone who enjoys exercise but can deal with missing a day here and there, because eventually I am going to want to audition for a show, and I'm sure that will impact the workout schedule, as well. So that's all good.

Dolly and McBeady are fine, thanks again for asking. They're still hanging around, though they have not yet reclaimed the backyard they abandoned when Wiley showed up. Neither one of them has yet set foot in it. They eat on the front porch, and I have no idea where they're sleeping at night. They have their hideouts, I guess. I try not to worry about them. McBeady has become fairly attached to the front porch, sometimes even napping on it, and he gets very excited when he hears me coming around the side of the house with breakfast. He comes running to meet me at the corner, and anxiously questions me the whole time I'm walking, throwing in the occasional hiss if I look at him too closely. He has a very silly, scratchy little meow, and he doesn't let up with the inquiries until the food is in the dish. " that the food? (hiss) Is that the food? Is that the food? (hiss) Mrroww..." Silly McBeady. Have I failed to feed you even ONCE since you invited yourself to join us for daily meals?

Okay...yes, I'm still doing New Guy's laundry. Shut up! (I promise to come up with a blog name soon. I think I'm a little soon as I come up with a great pseudonym, he'll certainly dump me. I am a crazy person.) He doesn't have a washer and dryer, and I do. I don't want him sitting in a laundromat, eating into the time available for getting his house in order and spending time with me, after all. I am the world's greatest girlfriend. If, indeed, he considers me his girlfriend. We've seen each other almost every day for the last month (four weeks tomorrow, but who's counting?)--every day that he wasn't out-of-town--does that qualify me for girlfriend status yet? I don't know. I don't know anything. I'm trying to relax and enjoy whatever comes my way. (I'm trying. I'm a Virgo, so it's hard, but I'm trying.)

At any rate, life seems pretty good at the moment. Maybe that little "Year of Liz 2007" trophy Stefanie sent me is good luck! Perhaps it should become a travelling trophy, going every year to someone else who needs some good juju!

Of course, if he dumps me next week, just AFTER I drive to his house with a load of freshly washed, carefully folded laundry, I might have to rethink that plan. Heh.

Good weekends, everyone!


3carnations said...

Stray cats that get cared for are so funny...They love you as much as they hate you.

Glad everything is going well with he-who-shall-not-be-given-a-blog name. Year of Liz indeed. ;)

L Sass said...

I get so excited every time someone in my life becomes an "exercise liker." People often make comments to me about how diligent I am about working out, and they never seem to quite buy it when I explain that running / staying fit has become a hobby to me. Welcome to the dark side.

I think there's nothing wrong with doing New Guy's laundry. As long as he repays you in your chosen currency!

Sparkling Cipher said...

Like excercise? Yeah, I need to learn how to do that. Or at least like it enough that I my excuses sound lame even to me.

Puh-lease. You see each other every day, you do his laundry - maybe you should just call him Boyfriend, because you are sooo his girlfriend.

don't call me MA'AM said...

Yeah, I'd say you're his girlfriend. You could always go for that awkward question moment like they do in the movies:
"So, umm... what are we doing?"

"What do you mean?"

"You know, you and me. What are we doing? Hanging out? Hooking up? or are we dating?"

That's always certain to bring about loads of fun! ;-)

stefanie said...

If you have seen him nearly every day for a month, that hasn't really left him much time to date anyone else (well, you know, unless that's what he's doing when you're busy doing his laundry!) ;-) so I would say you are his girlfriend. Congratulations.

Here's a wild idea... you could just use his REAL name! I mean, YOU don't have a blog alias; why should he? (Kidding. Aliases are more fun, actually.) You do KNOW his name, though, right? Just checking. :-)

Stinkypaw said...

Nice recap - thanks for sharing!

Happy to see the cats are doing good , as well as your exercise schedule. As for laundry, well... as long as you're enjoying it!

And please, Virgo or not, stop worrying! Celebrate and enjoy the time you have, not the time you might! ;-)

just making sure you're doing good, from Vegas!

lizgwiz said...

3car, I guess I could always just call him "He Who." ;)

lsass, maybe someday I'll be running 19 miles in a single morning. Bwaahhh haaa! I'll leave the long distances to you. :)

spark, it's really not so much that I always enjoy it AS I'm doing it, but it always feels good to have done it. Plus is helps having a bit of OCD--I tend to get into habits easily!

dcmm, I've actually thought about doing that, but it seems so unnatural. Heck, though, I'm an actress...maybe I just need a script. Hee.

stef, sure I know his name. You meant first name, right? I'm not expected to know his full name after only a month, am I? (Kidding. I actually even know his middle name. Maybe I could use that as his alias. Hmm...)

stinkypaw, so right, as always. Hope you're tearing it up in Vegas!

nancypearlwannabe said...

It definitely sounds like the Year of Liz! :)