Wednesday, May 05, 2010

And counting...

Let's catch you up quickly on bachelors #5 and #6.

Number #5 and I have talked on the phone pretty regularly this week. I don't know what he'll be like in person, but he is great fun on the phone. I will probably fall madly in love with him, as he not only lives in a different TOWN, but also a different STATE. (But just barely--he's a little over an hour away.) I will fall for the one farthest away, right? That's a given? We have tentative plans to meet on Saturday evening. I'll keep you posted.

Number #6 is not quite so delightful over the phone, but there were some things I found interesting about him, so I agreed to get together with him last weekend. I was supposed to call him when I was done with my rehearsal Sunday afternoon, and we were to go to dinner around 7:00. I called him at 5:48. I called him at 7:02. He finally called back at 8:00--I was on the phone with someone else and didn't return the call. According to his voice mail, he "fell asleep," was "so sorry," and I should feel free to call him back about 9:00. I did not. Aside from standing me up, he had also sent an email earlier that day making a "joke" re: wondering how I was "in the sack," and then immediately following it with "oh, it's probably too soon for that, sorry." Um, dude...a) yes, it is too soon for that, and b) this is an email; you can take back the things you mistakenly "blurt out" with a little simple backspacing or the delete button. So I really hadn't planned to call him back.

Yesterday I found an email in my junk box from his work email address, apologizing for having not been in touch. He hasn't been feeling well, and promises we'll "get together soon." Argh! I was ignoring YOU, dude, you weren't ignoring ME. That's a very important distinction! I am the Ignorer!

Aside from that, I've been dealing with an infestation of rats under my house and in my garage. Aren't you jealous? Don't you wish you had live-trapped and released 8-9 (I lost track) baby rats over the last few days? I know you do.

Between work, rehearsal, four-legged rats, a two-legged rat, and a delightful man in another state, I've been busy. And I am EXHAUSTED. Wish I could take a nap. I have this Friday afternoon off, but there can be no napping. I've got a lawn to mow, and 28 tomato seedlings to get into the ground at a friend's new community garden. No rest for the weary this week.


-R- said...

How is it possible to have rats when you have so many cats?

Good luck with bachelor 5?

Anonymous said...

OH! That was your Facebook status! I feel so "in the know!" He certanly deserved to be ignored! Too bad he didn't realize it.

Will it make you feel better to know that my best friend fell in love with a guy that was from Ukraine that she met when she was 18? An hour isn't that bad, right? I hope he's awesome because seriously you need that!

Stinkypaw said...

I'm wondering the same thing as -R-, how can that be?

Maybe you should let #6 he's being ignored... Good luck with #5

nancypearlwannabe said...

An hour seems like a totally reasonable commute for someone delightful. I say that knowing there is no one the least bit delightful within an hour of me.

3carnations said...

I really think you need to respond to that guy clarifying that you are the Ignorer. He doesn't get to feel superior here. Heh.

lizgwiz said...

Well, I don't have any rats INSIDE, where most of the kitties live. And I guess my one outdoor cat is falling down on the job.

I would love to tell #6 I'm ignoring him, but then I wouldn't BE ignoring him, would I? Dang it.

georgie girl said...

wait a minute. i saw you on saturday at a party and you didn't give any details about anything!

people sit on hour long commutes for really annoying jobs that pay squat all the time. having a nice date out it instead doesn't sound so bad. at least it isn't a commute to college, right?