Friday, May 14, 2010

The weekly update

So...if you're wondering how last weekend's date with Bachelor #5 didn't. Turns out his son and grandson decided to drive up from Dallas for a Mother's Day weekend get-together, and wanted him to be there, too. He didn't feel right saying no, of course, so our date was postponed until this weekend. He felt really bad about it, but I completely understand. Nothing trumps time with a grandchild. The son also announced at the big family gathering that he and his wife were expecting another grandchild,'s a good thing he was there.

So, our date is tomorrow night. I'm excited and a little nervous. We talk on the phone every day, and he seems so nice. I hope he's not disappointed with me in real life. I hope I'm not disappointed with HIM in real life. OMG, what if he has stubby fingers? Heh.

I keep trying to ignore Bachelor #6; I really do. But he just keeps refusing to realize he's being ignored. He emailed me last week, said he'd taken another look at my profile, and wanted to point out what he thought was a grammatical error, hoping I could take a "little dig." Hoping that I had "a since of humor." WTF?! Excuse me? Okay, I think what he pointed out was probably not technically "correct," but since it's an online dating profile and not, say, a scholarly treatise, I think a little colloquialism is okay, don't you? Mind you, his emails had been, from the beginning, rife with bad grammar and misspellings/typos. And I did not point out any of them, preferring to give him a pass, as it seemed he had some other good qualities that might offset the grammatical/keyboarding deficiencies.

But no more. I emailed back, simply, "I have a SENSE of humor." Then I went back to ignoring him...or so I thought.

But since then I've gotten a couple more emails from him, each one beginning by apologizing for his having been "out of touch." NO, NO, NO. You haven't been out of touch. I'VE BEEN OUT OF TOUCH. ON PURPOSE.

I guess if he doesn't get the message this time, I'll go ahead and email him back and tell him just exactly why HE is being ignored. Gah.

In other news, my rat problem seems to be over. Mama Rat finally succumbed to the whopping amount of rat poison I put out for her under the house. (And boy, oh boy, did I hate having to resort to that. But she wouldn't go in the live trap. Damn it.) She had the decency to die out in the yard, and not under the house or heating unit where she's been hiding. I thought that was very considerate. I apologized profusely to her, told her I hoped she had a good, long life, that the poison was at least tasty, and that the end wasn't too painful. Then I buried her in the backyard near the spot where I buried my last pet rats.

I know, I'm a schmuck with a bleeding heart. But she can't help being a rat--it's what God made her to be, and she was only doing what she was designed to do. I hate having to punish a creature for that. (Except I'm a total hypocrite sometimes, because I immediately went inside and swatted the hell out of an enormous horse fly. But those things BITE.)

Bachelor #5 has heard every installment of the rat saga, by the way, and did not once tell me I'm an idiot...and he still wants to come see me. He gets major points for that, believe me.


Stinkypaw said...

B5 reminds me of old NG, weird... he sure deserves points for the rat thing, and so do you for being a decent rat killer who burries their dead bodies. I don't think many people, including me (sorry to say) would do that, even if we had a yard.

Enjoy your weekend and hope this upcoming date works out for the best!

3carnations said...

Your sympathy to Mama Rat in the end was sweet, but you did what you had to do. I doubt many have ever shown such sympathy to a wild rat. :-)

...and I've always thought you had a since of humor. Heh. I am rooting for you to actually have to inform the man that he is being ignored. To heck with hypocrisy.