Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What's wrong with the men around here?

Seriously. Where are the good ones I'm assured are out there?

Since we last updated...

There was a second date with NG2.0. We went out for dinner Saturday night, then watched a movie at his house. Had a pretty good time, thought "if we're ever going to figure out if there's something here we need more than one date a month." Suggested bringing dessert to his house Monday night after our mutual rehearsals. He thought that sounded nice. Then my rehearsal was canceled, so I told him to just call me when he was on his way home. Which he did. I said I'd stop for some ice cream and be right there. (We live about five minutes apart.) When I got there, I stood outside knocking and ringing the bell for a couple of minutes, called him on his cell--busy, called him on his landline, he answered, said he was in his office and didn't hear me knocking, "be right there." About five minutes later, he finally opened the door, talking on his cell phone. Gestured me inside, never stopped talking. I put the dessert makings on the counter, he grabbed a couple of bowls, mouthed "are those big enough?" and when I nodded, wandered off to his den and sprawled on the couch. Talking on his cell the whole time. Did NOT gesture for me to join him, or act particularly glad to see me, so I just stayed in the kitchen. Finally, after more than 15 minutes (yes, I was watching my watch, and yes, I was about to walk out the door), I heard him hang up. Then: "Hello? HELLO?" I thought he was making another phone call, so it took me a moment to respond with "are you talking to ME?" I went into the den, and he was all "what were you doing in there?" "Waiting for you to finish your chat, what else?" "I thought you were fixing the ice cream." GAH. I fixed the ice cream, we ate it, and then within about 10 minutes he was nodding off on the couch. I couldn't blame him for that; it was getting late, so I gently prodded him awake and told him I was going home. He apologized for falling asleep, and I just wanted to scream--"that's not what you should be apologizing for, you jerk!"

But I didn't. I nicely said good-night, then sent him an email the next morning, explaining that I had found his behavior a bit rude, and just wanted to say that so I didn't keep it in and get all resentful. So response. At all.

Am I out of line here? When a guy's been telling you for a month that he can't get you out of his head, shouldn't the least expectation be that when you show up at his house bearing ice cream and cake, he puts down the goddamn cell phone?


What else? I hadn't had any interaction at all recently with Bachelor #3, who is a Facebook friend, so just for the heck of it, I put a succinct "howdy" on his wall, and he responded right away with "howdy back-I owe you a phone call!" Damn straight you do. So frustrating--he made it a point to tell me (more than once) what a great time he had with me...then I don't hear from him. It makes me want to scream: "What, such a great time that you can't possibly risk doing it again? Afraid you'll die from too much enjoyment?"


I went ahead and gave my phone number to a Bachelor #5, who sounds very funny and cool...but who lives about an hour away. Figures, right?

Sing it with me if you know the words...argh.

Updated to add: wouldn't you know it...while I was typing this post, NG2.0 was sending me an email. Says he genuinely thought I was in the kitchen preparing the dessert, and that's why he continued his conversation. Okay, I'll buy that. He also says that he doesn't feel we're really a good fit as a couple, though he thinks we could be good friends. Actually...I'll buy that, too. Moving on!


-R- said...

Maybe the fifth is the charm!

Stinkypaw said...

I'm told by my un-house geek, often versions 2.0 are not much better than version 1.0, but if you're willing to wait a little more, maybe the next version will be a better one! ;-) Hang in there!

nancypearlwannabe said...

I'd be pissed that I brought the ice cream and he didn't get off his ass to serve it to me. DUDE. I BROUGHT IT!

Vee said...

I think you are completely justified in being pissed. This man was rude. You not only came to see him but brought ice cream! And how much "fixing" really goes into ice cream? In person should always trump on the phone...unless the caller is calling to tell you your house is on fire or some such emergency. I am sorry his manners were not better. maybe its the "around here" part. Maybe not.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he should have put down the damn phone! That's rude. You're much better off without him!