Thursday, April 08, 2010

And the dates keep coming.

A Friday night date with Bachelor #4 has now been scheduled.

No additional date with the preferred of last weekend's dates has been scheduled yet, though there has been some brief additional contact. He's busy for the next few days, but insists he "had a great time the other night, just so you know." (Direct quote.) Argh.

Maybe #4 will sweep me off my feet. The chances for that are probably increased, owing to the fact that he works really long hours and lives in a neighboring town several miles away. The guys RIGHT DOWN THE STREET never work out, right? Argh again.

I guess I feel the need to share this info somewhere, and I can't really allude to it on my "Bacefook" page, as Mr. Preferred is a "friend" there. Maybe semi-anonymous blogs do serve a purpose. Heh.

BTW, I told #4 last night that he was not really obligated to laugh at every single thing that comes out of my mouth. He insisted that he found me hilarious. And then mucked that up by saying I reminded him of a co-worker...who annoys the hell out of him, "in a good way." My response: "I don't even know what to make of that." 'Cause I don't. WTF?

Should be an interesting evening.

In other news, I bought a new (used) car. And part of me really wants to go show it to Hot Med, who was always needling me to get a car with better A/C and a working stereo. And then drive away without him in it. I should probably resist that impulse, don't you think? (Assuming he's still in the country. I actually don't know--maybe he freaked out again and headed back to Beirut.)


nancypearlwannabe said...

I think this just proves my point that guys want to date someone who annoys them so that they'll have something to complain about.

flurrious said...

#4 should be interesting. Sometimes the eager puppy thing is charming. Keep hope alive!

Stinkypaw said...

Good luck with #4, and the odds sure look in his favor: long working hours, not living near, and somewhat odd - yep, that's a winning package ;-)

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3carnations said...

4th time's a charm, right? Oh, that's not the saying, is it? Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Wait. Someone annoys him but you don't and it is in a good way? I'm so confused. Men are confusing.