Tuesday, September 01, 2009

It feels like fall.

It feels like fall here. I think we had the coolest August on record, so I'm not doing my usual "dance of joy" at its passing, but...I think I'm ready for a change nonetheless. How 'bout I start by not neglecting my poor little blog quite so much?

Let's just get you caught up with some bullets.

  • Hot Med and I are over. Long story short--he was kind of being a jerk the last few weeks, both to me and his brother. I called him on it, we had a spat, we didn't talk for a week, though I did make efforts to call him (not wanting to leave it on an unpleasant note), we finally talked on the phone Sunday and...he says he "doesn't want a girlfriend." He's too poor, too busy working...he just wants "friends." I think I was cutting into his "sitting around at Starbucks" time, truthfully. And, if that's really how he wants to spend his life, well...good luck to him.
  • His brother is insistent that I still be friends with the rest of the family, even though Hot Med is "being a jerk." I KNEW they liked me! "He was so lucky to have you." I know, Hot Bro, I know. Heh.
  • I am saddened by the split, but not devastated. I'm not sure I ever really saw this being a longterm thing, though I wasn't ready for it to be over, either. Such is life.
  • I've gone online to the various dating sites, un-hidden my profile and snooped around a bit. It's more than a bit depressing to see that most of the guys in my age range are the same ones I was passing over a year ago. It doesn't bode well for my immediate dating future, for sure. And I'm shallow enough to admit that, having dated a younger guy with admirable biceps, I'm not all that excited about doughy, middle-aged men. Not that I currently have any room to talk, of course.
  • Last weekend I played a set with my band and did a scene from an upcoming play, at the grand opening of the new space of one of the companies I work with most often. It went really well--good crowd, good food, good feedback on the performances. Our emcee for the evening was a local late-night talk show host, and he said he'd love to have me on his show to sing soon. We'll see how that goes.
  • So, yeah...I have a play coming up, but not until NEXT MARCH. I really, really need something to keep me occupied between now and then. To that end, I auditioned this weekend for another upcoming show. I have no idea if I'm being seriously considered, but I would love to do this play. It concerns a topic I'm fairly passionate about, I love the director (Hi, George!) and the timing would be perfect. So...fingers crossed.
  • My work has been making me crazy. My boss is on vacation for a week. Thank goodness.
  • Last night my cats decided to turn the living room into an Indy racetrack or a pinball machine or something. I was asleep on the couch at the time, and was rudely awakened by a cat crashing across me, claws extended. I have some seriously nasty-looking scratches on my thigh (not unusual) and on my FACE (three full claw tracks, about four inches long). I think this would be a good time to take an interesting new dating profile pic, don't you? Caption: "Just back from the Serengeti."
  • Have you watched the show "Hoarders" on A&E? It makes me feel SO much better about my packrat tendencies. I'm a total amateur compared to these people. You can walk easily through MY house. (Don't open that hallway closet too quickly, though. Hee.)
  • I have a birthday coming up this month. 47. There's no way to spin that--I'm in my late 40s. I could insist 46 was MID-40s, but 47? Nope. I'm really not depressed about it--I just keep thinking "where did the time go?" and "wasn't I supposed to have it all figured out by now?"
  • I really, really need to get started on an exercise program, but I'm having trouble with my foot. I think I may have ended up with a stress fracture a couple of weeks ago. It's better now, but not quite right, and I don't want to make it worse. Figures--I'm mentally ready to start moving, and my body is lagging behind.
  • Speaking of which, my eye is still red. Remember--the one with the wonky eyelash? It's never quite gotten back to normal. I don't have the money for another trip to the eye doctor right now, so I just keep the artificial tears handy, and hope that "tincture of time" will work its magic.
  • I am depressed about the future of healthcare reform, and the ridiculous lies being told by the opposition. This may become an entire ranty post of its own soon. Be warned.
  • When I want to cheer myself up a bit, I just look at the 100 oz thermal travel mug one of my college buddies (with whom I've reconnected via facebook) brought me the last time he came to visit. I thought my previous 52 oz travel mug was the be-all and end-all of mugdom, but I was wrong. He had one of these things at our "reunion" a few weeks ago, and my envy was so great that he bought me one of my very own. It's gigantic, and I carry it around with me all day, filled with iced tea. I'll have to post a pic.
Okay, I've made it to gloating about my mug...I think that signals an end to the rambling for today.


Stefanie said...

Hey there. I am afraid to open my feed reader after being gone for over a week, but I saw your update on FB and had to come here directly to see if you'd elaborated on the news. Sorry to hear things ended on not the terms probably any of us expected. I'm glad you had fun with him for a while, though. Chalk it up to a summer romance? Doesn't that make you feel young? :-) Hang in there, Liz. All is (or will be) well.

-R- said...

Have you mentioned before that you are in a band? I would love to hear more about that!

Too bad Hot Med started acting jerky. I'm glad you aren't devestated by the breakup.

georgeious said...

dangit! thanks to stefanie, i can't get that stinking grease song outta my head.

is "hoarders" anything like "clean house" on the style network? that channel is so trash-pop and it has me hooked! i have to go have a talk with my tivo now...

nancypearlwannabe said...

Hot Med is dumb. Guys are dumb! Why are guys so dumb?

No, really. Someone needs to explain it to me so I can stop driving myself crazy.

It seems like you're going to be a busy lady though! Chin up, we're thinking of you.

Noelle said...

I'm about to suggest that you have an affair with a married man or a gay man. They're supposedly all the best ones, right? You deserve an infusion of good man.

In proofreading that quote, I feel compelled to mention that I didn't mean it literally, but if you want to take that literally, let your dirty mind go!

3carnations said...

He doesn't want a girlfriend? Good grief. I thought he wanted a WIFE. Maybe it's time to give a "doughy middle aged" guy a chance.

Welcome back! I was shocked to see your update show up in my bloglines. :-)

Sauntering Soul said...

Hot Brazilian is a little bit doughy - don't count out the doughy guys!

You had already updated me on the Hot Med situation via e-mail but I'd like to say again how sorry I am that things ended the way they did. It sucks.

47 is not old so stop worrying about that!

Stinkypaw said...

Sorry it ended the way it did with HM. Nothing is keeping you from seeing his relatives, especially since they like you and you like them. Don't give up and take care of yourself.

Mary said...

Sometimes the hardest part about breaking up with a guy is when it forces you to break up with his family, too. I hope you find a way to stay friends with them!

flurrious said...

How dare he break up with you before you could break up with him!

Anonymous said...

I too have the Grease song in my head and it is the version that is always sung at karaoke - off key and annoying as heck.

I totally get the Indy 500 cat racing track. I once woke up to have a 3 pound cat run over my face, followed by her 15 pound brother and then the 30 pound cocker spaniel - apparently they decided to play tag at 3 in the morning. I was not pleased!