Friday, June 05, 2009

I didn't intentionally go over a week without posting. It just hasn't been that eventful around here, I guess. I'll give you some quick bullets.
  • Spent quite a bit of time with Hot Med last weekend, then didn't really see him again until last night. (Juggling our work and his work-out schedules.) Maybe we should always wait a few days between dates. Hee. Last night was lovely--we were both really glad to see each other.
  • I think he must have mentioned the wanting a baby thing to his brother or sister, as last night he assured me he no longer wanted me to have a baby, as it might be dangerous for my health. "Maybe dead." I can't imagine that he actually went off in search of articles on the risks of later life pregnancies, so I'm thinking maybe one of his siblings told him he should back off. Heh. "It's okay--I have nephew." Works for me.
  • Hot Med and Sis will be moving to a new apartment this weekend, which is literally right on the river. We look forward to many oh-so-convenient walks and picnics.
  • It's looking like the play I was hoping to do THIS spring, and then hoping to do this FALL, will now be NEXT SPRING. Better late than never...but I really need to find a project to work on soon. I'm getting a little itchy for some creativity. Maybe it's time to stop talking about doing a one-woman show and just DO it.
  • "So You Think You Can Dance" is back! Whoo to the hoo!
  • At the end of the month, I will be having a little weekend "reunion" in my hometown with some college friends--some of whom I haven't seen in 20 years. One of them moved back there a few years ago and bought a cool, big old house, so--slumber party at Layce's! Whoo to the double hoo!
  • Today is my monthly Friday "early day," so I'm out of here at 1:00. Nap, nap, nap!

I can't even think of any more bullets--it HAS been a boring week.

I hope the weekend brings something to talk about. In a good way.

Please do enjoy your own weekends!


3carnations said...

Sounds like things are going wonderfully. I'm glad Hot Med is over the baby thing. No one wants you "maybe dead". :-)

Are you going away for the weekend reunion without Hot Med? Or does he get to join the party and meet the friends?

Stefanie said...

You in a one-woman show might warrant a trip to Tulsa. :-)

flurrious said...

I can't remember who Hot Med lives with now. Is it his sister and brother? So the move will be fewer people? Fewer people is good, as is not having to drive for an hour to see him.

I like So You Think You Can Dance except for the judges, especially that woman with the voice that goes through my head like a knife. So I can only watch it for about ten minutes at a time, and then I never know who's who.

-R- said...

I can handle Mary, the judge Flurrious hates, but I cannot stand Mia. Her instructions are meaningless- "dance with your spirit" or whatever stupid thing she comes up with - and then is super mean to random people.

Anyway, so how did the weekend turn out? How did you get involved in acting in the first place?

greenduckiesgirl said...

I would be upset if you were "maybe dead." So glad about that. And Stefanie called it, I would probably have to go to Tulsa if you were in a one-woman show. I'm sure I could convince Beth and Keem that we need to go.

I've never watched the So Dance (my shortcut for it). I'm a little surprised about this because I like dancing.