Friday, March 06, 2009

My house is haunted.

It's true. I seem to have a ghost. But I think the ghost is a cat. I keep hearing noises, noises that sound specifically animal in origin, but when I look in the direction of the noise...there's nothing there. Once it came from behind the shower curtain. A couple of days ago I heard a specific "cat messing with a plant" noise...but I was staring straight at the plants, and there was nary a cat in sight. Yesterday I came home to find a cluster of cats in one corner of the room, staring intently at...nothing. A couple of their tails were puffed up. I hope it's a friendly ghost, at least.

It is so beautiful and warm here I can hardly stand it. I'm sorry for those of you who haven't experienced the freakish early spring thing this year, but it's something like 80 degrees here. Crazy. I've got the A/C running in my office.

Either tonight or tomorrow night I'll be seeing Mr. Short Term. Other than that, it's an unplanned weekend again. Then the following weekend is going to be jam-packed. I'm all feast or famine on the weekends here, it seems.

I haven't heard anything further from Brandon Walsh. I'm okay with that. At least I know not to take it personally. I could have done with a bit more "you're intelligent and beautiful and nice" though, just to prop up the old ego. Heh.

Monday night is the rescheduled speed-dating round you've all been waiting for. Theoretically, at least. It's been rescheduled three times now...maybe third time's the charm!

Enjoy your own feast or famine.


georgeious said...

you're intelligent and beautiful and nice. and elegant! nah - not the same coming from me, i suppose. waiting for tales from the speed dating...

i think you might have fairies living in your house and teasing the animals. don't let them hide your keys.

3carnations said...

It's been years since I had a short haired cat. I forgot all about when they get "fuzzy tail", as we always called it. :)

Yay! Speed dating - Can't wait to hear about it!

Sauntering Soul said...

I can't wait to hear about the speed dating!

My cat stares down the vent in my bathroom all the time. I keep hoping it's just a ghost because if I have a critter trapped down in there that would be far worse to me.

Anonymous said...

It does sound like a ghost! That's kind of cool, especially if it is a cat one.

I cannot wait for speed dating tales. While I hope you meet someone fantastic and he sweeps you off of your feet (or you sweep him off of his feet), I am also hoping for at least one or two oddities.

I'm at work. On a Saturday. But at least it is overtime so that's something.

Stefanie said...

I think a cat ghost is probably significantly less unsettling than a person ghost. I was convinced my house was haunted for a while, but since my imaginary ghost was an old man ghost, the evidence was things like phantom menthol smells and the fact that shoes I hadn't put away would go missing. At least your cat ghost won't hide your shoes?

Stinkypaw said...

You're intelligent, beautiful AND nice! Cool a kitty ghost... as long as it doesn't mess up the litter box!

Sparkling Cipher said...

Ha! Thanks, I was thisclose to emailing you to ask if you were serious or joking about your ghost cat. I'm fairly sure my ghost (or one of them, if there are several - I don't know) is a competent dog trainer. He managed to get my 3-month old puppies to sit and beg. I wish he'd have kept going.

Off topic, but Stefanie's missing shoes reminded me - A friend of mine was convinced her new roommate was mad at her or a shoe thief. The roomie was a neat freak and my friend tried to be less messy. She would leave her shoes on the mat by the front door, but then they'd just disappear. When her last pair of sneakers went missing, she finally asked. The mat was not good enough; shoes belong IN THE CLOSET. She opened the closet off the entry and there, neatly lined up, was every pair of shoes my friend owned.

And YAY for warm weather!

lizgwiz said...

george, well, not quite the same, but I'll take it. :)

3car, I know they think the puffing makes them look scary, but it just makes me giggle.

ss, yeah, I think a friendly ghost is much preferable to a rat under the house or something.

green, somehow I have no fear that there will not be oddities. ;)

stef, my cats (real and/or ghost) hide many things, but I think shoes are beyond them. I did find my dental floss handle this weekend--it had been missing for a while. ;)

stinky, maybe I should have ALL ghost cats--no need to scoop ghost poop!

spark, that is too funny. (Says the girl who agrees that shoes belong in the closet. Heh.)