Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Belated Weekend Update

Are we too far past the weekend for an update? Well, too bad. Here it is, anyway.

Let's see...Friday night. Went to Mr. Short Term's place, drank beer, ate veggies and fruit and guacamole and chips, and pretty much fell asleep on the couch watching MSNBC. We are exciting! (And we were tired.)

Saturday morning, cleaned the house.

Saturday afternoon, met "Brandon Walsh of 90210" (hee) for lunch at my favorite restaurant. He was very sweet. "You're even prettier than your picture." He's smart, easy to talk to, we have a lot of similar philosophies...I wish he was 10 years younger. Was there physical chemistry? Well, none that would knock your socks off (you know, like New Guy), but none of that "omigod, never in a million years" gut reaction, either. I just...wish he was 10 years younger. Heh. We had a nice time, and he gave me a little hug in the parking lot. I left having decided that I would be willing to go out again, thinking if nothing else, we could have a nice friendship. Oh...and he did pass the sweet-and-sour test...though just barely. He ordered fried rice.

Stopped at Whole Foods on the way home for the ingredients to make my world-famous goat cheese and sundried tomato dip--this time I added artichoke hearts, too. YUMMY.

Saturday evening I went to Readers Club, toting with me a whole bunch of finished books to return to their owners. Yay! I brought home a couple of new ones to add to the to-be-read stack, and I also brought home some oh-so-delightful chicken plates (no, not plates on which to eat chicken, though I suppose you could--plates decorated with chickens), and some cute little cloth napkins. Our hostess and her sister-in-law were downsizing the contents of their kitchen cabinets. (Thanks, George! And Megan!) I heart my new chicken plates. And my napkins. (And the Ethiopian-style stewed lentil leftovers that went home with me, as well, and became an entry in the Facebook Breakfast Chronicles, for those of you playing along at home.)

Then I went home and crumpled into a heap on the couch.

Sunday morning I sent a quick email to Brandon Walsh, thanking him for lunch, it was nice meeting him. Polite.

Went to church, and then met up with my parents afterwards to go to lunch, and then the mall. (Two new bras, two new tank tops, courtesy of my mom. Whoo hoo.) Then we went back to my house to pin Pudge down and trim the eagle talons he has been blessed with at the end of his feet. Only drew blood once! (Poor Pudge. And damn those black toenails.)

And...I think that was pretty much it. Settled in on the couch, watched Amazing Race.

Monday I expected to hear back from Brandon Walsh--at least a little "it was nice to meet you, too" email. Nothing. Likewise on Tuesday. I started to get a little pissed off, on general principles. I thought he was a nice guy! We talked about the importance of mutual civility! He knows I dislike rudeness! Aarggh!

This morning I got an email...apologizing for the tardy response. He's been thinking about me every day, wanted to call rather than email, which he finds impersonal, but had been working late nights (no reason to doubt that, for the record, he told me his schedule...I don't know when he would have time to date even if we did decide to, frankly), I'm very beautiful and intelligent, he wants to see me again, BUT...he has concerns about the age difference. So do I, Brandon, so do I. Sigh. So...I emailed back that I shared his concerns, but that if he wanted to go to dinner again at some point, I would be happy to do so...maybe we can be friends. (I'm trying to think if I have any female friends I could fix him up with....hmmm....)

Mostly I just wanted to hear from him because I am SO TIRED of these guys that disappear without a trace. SO TIRED. It's so easy to be relatively polite these days--we have email. If it's too difficult to do the face-to-face "I didn't feel a connection" thing, you can do it painlessly via the interweb. I've done it myself--I'm all for avoiding awkwardness whenever possible.

So, that's that. I'm still having a hot-and-heavy email "relationship" with the almost-divorced guy. I think it's a good litmus test, actually. If emailing with him is more fun than an actual face-to-face with a guy....then that's NOT the guy. Right? Right.

In the meantime, I just need a few more Mr. Short Terms, to keep things interesting while I wait. Heh.


greenduckiesgirl said...

I love weekend updates. It is never too late for one.

What is the sweet and sour test? Never mind, I figured it out after looking at back archives. I was wondering about the vegetarian restaurant serving sweet and sour pork.

I think a couple more Mr. Short Terms would be awesome...especially for us that live vicariously through you!

Anonymous said...

We need to have drinks!! Really enjoyed this!

georgeious said...

you are heartily welcome, toots. cloth napkins are one of my new favorite "just because i like you" gifts to give. and since i had to decide between chococat and chickens on plates, i'm glad the chicks went to an appreciatively ironic owner.

fried rice is only one short step from crack noodles. dangit, now you made me crave them again...

Stinkypaw said...

Busy weekend, good for you!

If you're enjoying Brandon's company don't let his age bother you... I'm just saying...

Stefanie said...

"The Facebook Breakfast Chronicles." Ha. Maybe that's what I should start using for my status, too, as I've had the same one in place for three days now. Of course, most days I have a cinnamon raisin bagel for breakfast, so I guess that still wouldn't add variety to my status!

3carnations said...

Glad he shared the age difference issue. If something DOES come of it, you know he wasn't just looking for "some pretty young thing". :-)

lizgwiz said...

green, I figure maybe a rotating stable of 3 or 4 short term guys would be good. I'd still need some alone time, of course. Heh.

Amy, we do!

george, feel the power of the noodles...v5...v5...v5. ;)

stinky, we'll just have to see, I guess. I'm perfectly willing to at least be friends...don't know if he's up for that, but I'll find out, I'm sure.

stef, well, maybe you could eat the top half first one day, bottom half the second, with cream cheese cheese one day, butter the next...

3car, I just think it's kind of nice to BE the "pretty young thing," relatively speaking. Hee.

flurrious said...

Fried rice is a perfectly respectable dish, although I would never order it in a restaurant because a lot of places just use the leftover steamed rice that customers didn't finish. You're welcome.

lizgwiz said...

flurrious, I have never been happier that my default order is always steamed rice. ;)