Monday, January 12, 2009

How did I end up here?

Nothing like "bacefook" for bringing home how very much you've wasted your potential. By which I mean that I found out today that one of my goofy high school band friends is now assistant dean of admissions at one of the Ivy League's most prestigious medical schools. And I changed my major from pre-med to music...why? Not that a major in music can't do good things for you, of of my other high school band friends plays with a very major orchestra in NYC. Am I the only one who didn't do big things with my talent and smarts, or does it just feel that way? Sigh.

Speaking of underachievers...I just got panhandled in the convenience store parking lot. The guy wanted "fifty cents" because he'd just been "locked out of his house." Dude, what good is fifty cents going to do you? (I didn't give it to him, by the way. I had no change, loser that I am. Heh.)

I had a nice, long telephone conversation with a new online guy last night...he's a vegan and a union organizer who minored in modern dance in college. Sounds promising, right? The drawback? He travels a lot, and wanted to make sure I knew right upfront that he's not looking for anything serious. We'll probably get together for a beer, though. Sigh again.

"Joe the Plumber" doesn't think the media should be allowed to "report on wars." He said this from Israel, where he's...reporting on the war. Insert extra-large eye roll here.

Excuse me now while I try to go get myself out of this MOOD. Calgon...take me away!


nancypearlwannabe said...

I never understood guys that said right away they weren't looking for anything serious. I mean, then what ARE you looking for? Actually, I suppose I do know, but I hate to think so poorly of an entire gender.

Stinkypaw said...

Bacefook hasn't that much fun for me since I've joined. Only found one guy from college, and we weren't that close. oh well.

If the new online guy isn't looking for anything serious WTH is he doing on "online dating" site? Weird. I don't know about you, but over here we also have some sites that promotes "good times" vs "serious"

Stefanie said...

Now now. Would you really be happy as a doctor? The hours? The lack of creativity? Having no time to do plays and other performances? Did I mention the hours? I know what you're talking about, totally, but don't let it get you down, Liz.

Maybe the fifty cents guy just needed to make a phone call to someone who has a set of keys to his house? (Wait. Are there even pay phones anymore?)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that makes sense. I bet he does need to make a phone call. But then why didn't he just say "Hey, do you have a cell? Can you call someone for me because I'm an idiot?" Who knows?

I personally think it is better he said he wasn't looking for something serious. What if he didn't and you fell madly for him and then he said oh, sorry.

Bacefook and Spymace (it's more fun that way) make me want to scream with all the drama. If I needed drama, I'd go back to high school. Speaking of screaming, why did anyone give Joe the Plumber a job? He obviously can't plumb, why would they think he could report the news?

Why is there an infomercial for soy sauce on the food network? Oh, wait. Dumb question.

-R- said...

My 2 best friends from high school (who are not and never really were friends with each other) both have Ph.D.s and work at Harvard. I feel like a total dummy.

flurrious said...

There must be someone from your high school who's in prison now. Just think of that person instead.

I saw that clip of Joe the Plumber (whose name is actually Sam -- he's Sam the Unlicensed Plumber's Assistant), and he was saying something about how the media "overdramatizes" war. Oh, okay. Can he go away now?

lizgwiz said...

npw, well, he claims to just want some company for dinner and "intellectually stimulating" conversation occasionally. I know, I know...but I kind of believe him after we spent another 2.5 hours talking on the phone last night. ;)

stinky, see above re: his intentions. I really don't get an "I just want sex" vibe from him.

stef, now that you mention it, he was kind of near a payphone...but why didn't he make that more clear, if that was the case? Poor guy, maybe he didn't realize he was begging for change at homeless panhandler central. I just say no automatically on that corner. Of course, I still wouldn't have been able to help him with the change, 'cause I didn't have my purse with me...

green, I do appreciate his honesty, actually. I don't need my heart broken again any time soon. ;)

-r-, yeah, that's the school I was talking about. It's hard not to be a LITTLE chagrined. I WAS EVEN SMARTER THAN HE WAS. Gah.

flurrious, that's the way to look at it! And yes, I really, REALLY want Samuel J. to GO AWAY. He's giving unlicensed plumbers everywhere a bad name.

Sauntering Soul said...

I have a degree in psychology and yet here I sit at my desk digging through some files trying to find documents dealing with a lady's estate and after that I get to create some stock certificates and print them out. Do you feel better now? You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

When I hear "travels alot" my cynical side hears "has a wife in Nebraska"