Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quick update

For some reason I am irritable as all hell this afternoon. Maybe because I have been besieged with idiots today. Sigh.

To catch you up with my ever-so-exciting dating life:

  • I have not yet come face-to-face with myself. Bachelor #1 had to go out-of-town over the weekend, and I didn't hear from him last night. I called him on my lunch hour, and it seems he came back from his trip to find that his elderly mother, who has Alzheimer's and a recently broken leg, is not doing at all well, and he needs to focus on that for a bit. Understandable. He insists that he still wants to meet, as soon as is feasible, but Mom comes first. As she should. So I don't know yet whether I like "myself." Heh.
  • My friend and I went speed-dating last night. It was okay. Nothing spectacular. A couple of guys seemed maybe a little interesting, but I have no idea whether any of them had any interest in me, since the brand-spanking-new speed-dating coordinator hasn't yet completed her part of the equation, thus enabling us to all go online and indicate our match preferences. There were only 15 or so of us there, so I don't know what's taking her so long. (Add her to the list of idiots making me irritable today.) I'm not really emotionally invested in the outcome, to be sure...I just don't like people not doing their jobs quickly and efficiently. And my friend is going CRAZY asking me if I've heard anything yet. She must have liked someone more than she let on. Hee.
  • I talked to New Guy for a quite a while after I got home last night. He's still dealing with the fall-out from his burglary. The insurance company wants a detailed list of serial numbers for the stolen items. Which information he kept carefully documented on his computer...which was stolen. Don't know how that will all sort out. He did discover how the thief got in, though...they came up and over his second-floor balcony and forced open the door to his bedroom. Nice.
  • I'm a little discouraged that I got more enjoyment from listening to him talk about his insurance hassles than I did from my conversations with any of the seven guys at speed-dating. Sigh. Save me, Bachelor #1, save me! Please turn out to be wonderful in every way. (You know...like me. Heh.)


flurrious said...

It's Tuesday. Tuesdays were made for irritability.

nancypearlwannabe said...

I agree, Tuesdays are worse than Mondays even.

I'm hoping Bachelor #1 works out because I just know the dating stories will be hilarious. Just like you.

Sparkling Cipher said...

Good son, puts taking care of family above dating and having fun. Sounding good so far.

Hope Bachelor #1's mother is okay and New Guy gets his stuff back.

Stefanie said...

I remain amazed and perplexed at all the phone conversations you have with these men before you actually meet them. Am I the only one who'd rather just cut to the chase and meet than try to be small talky and chit-chatty via telephone?

Also, I was thinking of going to a speed dating thing next week! I've never done that before. If nothing else, you'd think it'd make good blog fodder, right?

lizgwiz said...

Stef, I'd just as soon cut to the chase, too...but it takes two to cut, so...

3carnations said...

So, have you heard anything on the speed dating yet? Ha.