Thursday, June 05, 2008

Stuff like that there. In bullets.

Bits and pieces, bits and pieces.

  • Still sad

  • Am I becoming a cranky old lady, or just a conscientious and concerned citizen? In the past few weeks/months I have: a) called the city to complain about the trashy and junk-filled yard behind me, b) called the city to complain about my trash collectors being lazy and sloppy, c) called the city water distribution department to demand they send someone to fill the giant ruts in my street caused by their never-ending sewer/water main replacement project combined with a LOT of rain and d) called the police to report that a black pickup truck had just driven aimlessly past my house for the 6th time in half an hour. (It was 2:30 in the morning, you see, and I was having a little insomnia, and I couldn't think of a legitimate reason for someone to be doing that. The dispatcher agreed, and did actually send an officer by.)

  • My on again/off again "band" has a gig later this month--a charitable event at a country club. They're paying us a few dollars, which will probably just about cover the gas needed to drive to rehearsals and the event. Oh, well.

  • Yay, Obama!

  • I keep getting spam, from various "people" with the subject line "you look really stupid my first initial/my last name." And a link. Yeah, what genius thought this one up--let's insult people PERSONALLY--that'll suck 'em right in! "Oh, you think I look stupid, do you? Well, I'm going to click right on this link. So there!"

  • I haven't seen the Sex and the City movie yet, and I'm not sure I want to, since from what I understand Steve cheats on Miranda, who's gotten all brittle again. No! Steve and Miranda (and Harry and Charlotte) were what SATC was all about for me. (Carrie and Big? Oh, who cares.)

  • I have a garden party to attend this weekend, with some of my favorite women I don't see often enough, where the focal point of the menu is always cheetos, and which sometimes involves middle-aged women in hats waving their napkins and saying "helloooooo" to passers-by from the front yard. Sounds like fun, no?

  • I still haven't received my "Nensa" membership card, but I'm told by their national office that it was scheduled to be mailed on Tuesday, so...maybe today! I'm sure mere possession of the card will cause all future blog posts to be more coherent and well-structured. Or not.

  • How much do I love "So You Think You Can Dance"? Answer: lots. It's what "American Idol" wishes it was.

  • It's already been in the 90s here--that's too frickin' hot for June!! Plus it's been raining like crazy. Rain + heat = mowing, mowing, mowing. Gah.

  • On the plus side, the slacker dudes next door haven't been out in the yard much--maybe they don't like the heat, either?

  • I can't seem to get motivated to start working out again, now that the sciatica is mostly gone. Somebody do me a favor, and tell me to get off my lazy butt and exercise, already, please. (And that tub of chocolate ice cream in the freezer is NOT helping.)

  • The sciatica is only MOSTLY gone. I still have a tiny bit of numbness in my foot. Should I be worried about that, do you think?

  • You know, I kind of thought...back when it started to seem that New Guy would be moving sooner rather than later...that when he left, I'd throw my online profile back up, and try to go on some bad dates to remind myself why being alone isn't all that bad. But now that it's happened, I can't think of anything I'd less rather do. I can't even stomach the thought of it. It seems pointless. And unfair, perhaps, should I actually meet someone with sincere intentions...why lead someone else on, when I don't have the intention or ability to make a connection right now? (And besides, I guess there's a part of me that won't stop hoping that the Story of Liz and New Guy somehow gets another chapter someday.) So, for now, here's my "boyfriend." Isn't he handsome? And SUCH a good snuggler.


Anonymous said...

I think Al Pacino should play a cop named "Sciatica".


3carnations said...

The online profile thing...Why not? When you're not really interested is the best time, as far as I'm concerned. You'll meet some new people, have some good blog fodder, and maybe, just someone new. Or, if "New Guy - He's Baaaack" is coming to a theatre near you, then you end it with Potential New Person. No one knows what the future holds, after all.

Probably not the best advice, but I hate to "see" you sad...

L Sass said...

Should I be watching So You Think You Can Dance? It seems like my kinda show...

Noelle said...

I went on dates right after Birmingham and I broke up. It felt like the right thing to do, just to re-start my system. But then I got tired of meeting people that I didn't find attractive, so now my dating is just on hold.

And I don't think you're becoming a cranky old lady. Once one realizes the power of a phone call in resolving a municipal situation, it's hard to stop.

gorillabuns said...

So You Think You Can Dance is the best show, like EVER!!

I've heard from several people that Sex sucks. The movie that is. I choose to remember it how it was - not over 40 and plain stupid.

nancypearlwannabe said...

I had just given up on dates in general when Chris came along. Cliche? Yes. But no less true.

Sorry you're feeling sad, but I am still jealous that you get to have all the animals you want to snuggle with. There's just no substitute, especially when your man is more interested in shooting people in video games than snuggling.

Stefanie said...

I was going to advise you against putting the profile back up, because it's bound only to depress you, but I guess Noelle makes a good point. Really, the important thing to do is just what feels right. It sounds like wallowing feels right for now, and you've definitely earned the right to a bit of that. Try not to go too far into the dark spiral, of course, but if you are feeling sad, be sad.

Exercising might actually help, though. You know, endorphins and all that. (See? I'm being at least partially constructive! Get moving, Liz!) :-)

Stinkypaw said...

Now, that's a gorgeous fellow! Snuggle all you want!

Enjoy the gig and the garden party!

Have a good weekend & get your bootie moving!

lizgwiz said...

edge, well, he'd be a helluva cranky cop.

3car, I just think I should wait until I have at least a SHRED of enthusiasm about the prospect. After all, I'm not sure I'd want to date someone who was just using me to get blog fodder. ;)

lsass, you should, you should! It's not too late, they just picked the top 20 and now the real fun starts.

noelle, I think part of the problem is we didn't really "break up"--if he hadn't had to move, we'd still be dating. Sigh.

gorillabuns, it is right up there on my favorite show list, for sure!

npw, animal snuggling is a fabulous thing, to be sure, whether there's a man around or not. ;)

stef, yeah, I think it would just make things worse for now. The exercise endorphins, on the other hand, I KNOW would help. I'm just having trouble getting kick-started.

stinky, he IS gorgeous, isn't he? :)

Sauntering Soul said...

The garden party sounds fun!

I haven't worked out in a while so I doubt I can motivate you to get off your butt.

Lara said...

I think your current boyfriend looks like an excellent snuggler. Also, it's supposed to get in the 90s here this weekend. W.T.F.?

The garden party sounds like a hoot! I hope someone says "yoo-hooo!" instead of "hello". It just seems more apropos for a garden party.