Friday, June 13, 2008

Diggin'/Not diggin'


  • "So You Think You Can Dance." Dancing! Cat Deeley! Jidges! Twitch! Hot tamale trains! Wade Robson choreography! And my, oh handsome is Debbie Allen's little protege, Will? (He's over 18, right? I'm not going to hell for lusting, or anything?)
  • Maybelline Mineral Power makeup. I held off on trying the mineral foundations for the longest time, 'cause I just couldn't see how a mere powder could cover my rosacea areas. But it does! Whoo hoo! It stays on, AND I don't end up with stubborn makeup stains on my clothes. ('Cause not even the fabulous Tide pen will take that out.)
  • Kathy Griffin has gone back to her darker red shade of hair, I see. I approve. That strawberry blonde shade she was rocking last season washed her out.
  • Fresh basil from my very own plants in my sandwich wrap for lunch. Nothing packs a flavor punch like basil.
  • It's not hot outside today. (Of course, that's because it's all cloudy and rainy, and I am SO tired of rain, but I'm trying to be all Pollyanna about it.)
  • Smart Cars. I want one!
  • I have twice overheard Male Co-Worker (who is slightly younger than me) telling Female Co-Worker (my exact age) that she should stop coloring her hair and let the gray grow in, 'cause "look how good Liz's hair looks." Awww...sweet. (Not sure I agree with him right at the moment, but still sweet.)
  • I have posted five days in a row. (Granted, they haven't been stellar posts, but nonetheless.)

Not diggin':

  • This guy. Asswipe.
  • That Mentos commercial where the woman leans over and drinks from the guy's mouth like he's a water cooler? GROSS! It makes my skin crawl. She's drinking spit! She's gonna need a Mentos for sure after that. Blech.
  • Thunderstorms.
  • I have friends struggling with physical and emotional issues, and there's not much I can do to help. Sigh.
  • Gas prices. Food prices. Utilities prices. (And when was the last time I had a raise? So long ago I can't even remember when it was. Depressing. Good thing I like ramen.)
  • The messy, dirty, inconvenient, never-ending work the city is doing in my neighborhood. Aargghh!

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! Go out and kiss a black cat. Under a ladder. Hee.


3carnations said...

I hope to let the gray grow when the number of gray strands surpasses the few a month that I can subtly pluck without looking like I'm going bald.

I haven't seen that Mentos commercial, and I never will. From now on, if I see a Mentos logo, I'm changing the channel!

Lara said...

Oh my gosh. I clicked on your link for "this guy". What kind of person DOES that?

Although...what was the dog doing wandering about outside when his owners were out of town?

Stinkypaw said...

So you're a "cougar", nothing wrong with that! ;-)

Fresh basil, yummy!

Grey hair looks great on a man, on a woman, I think it varies from woman to woman.

That guy is less than an asswipe.

Mentos commercial, which I haven't seen, just gross!

I kiss a black cat everyday, and I will again today! ;-)

gorillabuns said...

I don't even let my husband drink through my straw! EWWW!!!

Stefanie said...

I'm digging the Maybelline Mineral Power, too! I've been using the much more pricey Bare Escentuals stuff for a while now, but decided to give Maybelline a try when Sizzle recommended it (and when I was out of foundation and going to Target but not going anywhere near a place that sells Bare Escentuals for a while). It was a good call. The only thing it's missing is SPF. Boo.

I have never seen that Mentos commercial, and I am GLAD. Ewww.

nancypearlwannabe said...

Too true- boo to utilities being so outrageous. I just paid $70 to fill my gas tank yesterday! SEVENTY! I would be even more mad if I didn't already feel guilty for burning up irreplaceable fossil fuels.

So yay, Smart Cars!

lizgwiz said...

3car, oh, I passed the "plucking" stage LONG ago.

lara, I wondered that, too...but I know it's fairly common for dogs to jump fences and go looking when they think their owners have gone away.

stinky, definitely get the edge when it comes to gray hair. They just get "distinguished."

gorillabuns, it's truly repulsive. Shudder.

stef, I think wearing foundation in and of itself adds some sun protection. Plus most days I use a little moisturizer with SPF.

npw, I've seen a couple of them on the streets here recently and they are SO cute. Plus they actually did well in crash tests, so...maybe someday.

L Sass said...

Smart Cars are adorable! I have been seeing more and more around the city. They really are the PERFECT car for Manhattan.