Monday, April 28, 2008


Mock me if you will.

After long and careful consideration, these are my top fifteen top sexy actors. For today, at any rate. It was really difficult narrowing them down, and I decided to eliminate Clooney and Depp right off the bat, because, you know...they're CLOONEY and DEPP. Redneck straight men with sawed-off shotguns in the gun rack of their vintage pickup trucks would pop the top off a can of Coors and agree, "Yep, they're hot." So, minus C&D, here they are. And yes, I know, I sometimes have...interesting taste. What can I say?

Jeffrey Tambor. I liked him before, but "Arrested Development" made me lurve him.

Leonard Nimoy. (Like this is any big surprise.) Live long and prosper, Mr. Nimoy. And stop quirking that eyebrow at me--I may swoon.

Patrick Dempsey. Yes, yes, I know....EVERYone thinks he's hot NOW. But I had deep and abiding love for him when he was just a young lad, running around servicing older women onscreen (AND offscreen at the time). And my love deepened and ripened when he played Aaron on the gone-too-soon and deeply-missed "Once and Again." That was some beautiful, beautiful acting.

Paul Rudd. Not alone in this, I know, but the man is so damn funny and talented, and, while he could easily have traded on his looks, he's chosen instead to do weird, quirky, interesting work. What's not to love?

Rocky Carroll. I couldn't even list that many things he's been in. I mostly remember him as the brother in that Charles S. Dutton sitcom whose name I can't remember, and as the bartender in "Prelude to a Kiss." But the man is FINE.

Stephen Colbert. I've been a fan since "Strangers with Candy." "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report" have certainly done nothing to lessen my love. And, I mean, look at him...the man is willing to look silly. And that's very attractive.

David Eigenberg. I never understood how Miranda could keep breaking up with him on "Sex and the City." He's adorable.

Jon Stewart. Whip-smart, funny as all hell, gorgeous...and he married a veterinary technician. Be still, my heart.

Goran Visnjic. Okay, I can never remember quite how to spell his last name, but he smolders. And that eastern European accent...oh my. Oh my, oh my.

Keenen Ivory Wayans. Haven't seen much of him onscreen since the long-ago days of "In Living Color," but I still have fond memories. SO handsome.

Mandy Patinkin. Yes, I think he can probably be a bit of a pill, but I don't care. I've loved him since I saw him walking shirtless out of the water in "Yentl." Yowza. I also love to hear him sing, overuse of falsetto or not. I saw him perform live once, from about 8 rows back, and I am absolutely positive that he was singing straight to me. Do not attempt to disabuse me of this notion.
Alan Rickman. It would be impossible to even attempt to list his credits here--the man has done everything. My favorite role would be, of course, as Jamie in "Truly, Madly, Deeply." I can get all teary-eyed just thinking about it.

Scott Bakula. They've been running old episodes of "Quantum Leap" a few nights a week recently, and I am reminded of a) how much I loved that show, and b) how incredibly attractive Mr. Bakula is. That episode where he leaped into a chimpanzee, and then spent most of the time running around in nothing but a diaper? Whew. And then the one where he leaped into the midst of a production of "Man of La Mancha" and reminded us all what a great singer he is, as well? Sigh.

Colin Firth. Come on, I don't have to explain this one, do I?

Gene Wilder. What can I say? Quirky and funny and smart. To me, that personifies sexy.

There you have it. Feel free to ridicule me for my choices. I'm a big girl--I can take it.

And, if you feel like spending some time browsing through photos of hot guys, then consider yourself tagged.


Noelle said...

I love Alan Rickman, and I'm going through all his movies on Netflix right now. Sadly, my very favorite is the cheese fest that is Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

I like your list, it makes a succinct statement about your personality.

3carnations said...

Leonard Nimoy. Heh. I always knew that was your post. ;)

-R- said...

I work with a guy who looks like a combination of David Eigenberg and the kid on Little Rascals with the big cowlick. I wonder if you would think he was attractive (my coworker, not the Little Rascal).

nancypearlwannabe said...

Paul Rudd could steal me away from Chris any time. I mean, what?

Jana said...

Goran is love ...Do I need say more? :-))

Stefanie said...

I can't believe you didn't list Leonard FIRST!

Mary said...

Excellent list! I think I'll have to do this, too. Yum.

Sauntering Soul said...

Thanks for playing along. But....Jeffrey Tambor? Really?

L Sass said...

I love Leonard Nimoy, too! Spock forever.

Stinkypaw said...

I'm with you on some of your choices, but Gene Wilder... he's just too... too... Gene Wilder!!

100% behind Scott Bakula and Goran... I have a thing for East European... oh wait my hubby is Hungarian. Hee.

Michelle said...

I work with a guy who looks like a combination of David Eigenberg and the kid on Little Rascals with the big cowlick. I wonder if you would think he was attractive (my coworker, not the Little Rascal).

Jesse Burns said...

Leonard Nimoy. Heh. I always knew that was your post. ;)

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