Monday, October 16, 2006

The Surreal Life

It was an interesting weekend. Surreal, we all agreed. On the one hand, I feel as if I've lived a hundred lifetimes in the last 20 years, and I am not even remotely the same person I was when I last saw my college classmates. I'm sure more than one of them must feel the same. But on the other hand, it seemed as if not a day had gone by--we rehearsed, laughed, ate, rehearsed some more, made fun of the parade floats, and it all felt completely normal. Completely...familiar. The choir room looked and felt exactly the same (though the hallways seemed smaller). Trippy.

It was fun. It was sweet. Our "old" choir director, who retired (after 35 years) during our tenure there, sang with us. Our "new" choir director, who has now been there for 22 years, conducted us. It was quite a sentimental moment--one there with his last students and another there with his first. They both got a little misty. Later in the day, my junior high choir director joined us for a while (I went to college in the same town where I grew up), since several of my classmates did their intern teaching under her, and one of them took over her job after she retired. She seemed a little touched, as well. At the football game, I saw the drama professor who cast me in my first college play. I'm not sure he realizes what an life-changing (for me) decision that was!

Sunday, we all sang at the church where one of the guys is music minister and had one last lunch together. We wisely refrained from too much "Oh, we're all going to keep in touch all the time now" stuff--we all know we're no longer really part of each other's lives, and that's fine. Truth is, many of us had drifted apart somewhat before we even left college. But it was nice to see everyone, and to know that you can go home again, if only for a day.

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