Friday, October 13, 2006

I get by with a little help...

...from my friends. Today's awesome act of friendship comes courtesy of Susan, who, upon learning that I was quite nervous about travelling out of town tomorrow with my sometimes flaky car, insisted that I drive hers instead. Isn't that the bestest? I'm not travelling all that far, but there is one stretch of twisty, hilly two-lane highway with no shoulder that would just be a hideous place to have car trouble. It's also a really sketchy area for cell service, so--thank you, Susan!

And today's raspberry goes to my mechanic, who, after he replaced my water pump and timing belt a few days ago, asked "Have you been hearing a strange noise? Maybe coming from the clutch? 'Cause I thought I heard a noise, but now I'm not hearing it. Might want to keep an eye on that--I don't do clutch work any more." Oh, thanks. NOT! Since, after the hefty check I just wrote YOU, there's no way to spend any more money this week on another mechanic. Especially based on "Have you been hearing a strange noise?" Hey, what I know about automotive mechanics would fit into...a radiator cap? That's small, isn't it?...a radiator cap, so it ALL sounds strange to me.

I really need to unload this car soon, methinks. To some other poor sucker blinded by the clean interior and paint job.

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