Tuesday, September 12, 2006

One mo' time

So, I've tried the blogging thing a couple of times now, and just didn't stick with it, for whatever reason. But I so very much enjoy reading other people's blogs--it makes me feel like a great big wuss that I don't blog myself. So, Blogger--this is your last chance (said like Rhoda as she left Minneapolis for New York and her very own show).

So, what's up with me today? I've spent the day advising (hee) a co-worker who has just been picked to appear in a segment on a national news-ish show. (We'll call it 40/40, okay?) She's never been to NY, never even flown, actually. And in "advising" her what to expect, I really felt how long it's been since I've been to NY, or anywhere, for that matter. For the love of all that is holy, I really need to rearrange my life so I can take a trip from time to time. Not that I regret taking in every stray animal that comes my way (or so it feels) and making it nearly impossible to arrange pet-sitting easily, but I sure could use a break. From my house, my job, my life. I have no desire to air my dirty laundry on 40/40, however. And I ain't gettin' rid of the critters, either. Couldn't live without the little buggers. Most days.

I'm about to turn 44. I was thinking about having an actual birthday party, but it's just too damn much trouble. I'll stay at home instead, and enjoy the gift my 44-year-old eyes have just given me. I finally need reading glasses for something other than those tiny little labels on cosmetic jars and frozen dinner packages. Whoo hoo! Yes, my eyes have finally reached the point where my arms are just too damned short. It sucks. (And why mention the tiny little labels on frozen dinner packages? 'Cause I'm a vegetarian and they sneak chicken fat into EVERYTHING. Why? Really. I don't think chicken stock is necessary for mediocre vegetable lasagna. It can be just as mediocre with vegetable stock.)

It's September. For the last few years, September hasn't been so nice to me. It's my birthday month; it should know better. But every September for the last several years, someone I care about has died. The last 3 years it was much cherished cats. The year before that, a friend and an ex-boyfriend. The year before that--well, that was 2001. I didn't personally lose anyone in September that year, but I did lose cats in July and December, and you really didn't have to know anyone personally who died on 9/11 to be emotionally affected. So I haven't had a really fun birthday in a while. And, while I try not to be superstitious, I can't help wondering if this September still has something unpleasant in store for me. God, I hope not. Fingers crossed.

So, anyway...first post out of the way, if less than spectacularly. Maybe if I can make myself do this regularly, something worth reading will come out. Fingers crossed.


Darren McLikeshimself said...

Good luck, Liz! Keep on bloggin'!

Hey, when's your birthday? Mine's the 29th.

lizgwiz said...

How exciting. My first comment and it's Darren. :)

Anonymous said...

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