Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I thought it would last forever...

Whitney and Bobby are divorcing. I was so sure those crazy kids would make it. Actually, the only part of that sentence I was sure about was the "crazy." Crack isn't the only thing that's wack.

I just read a blog entry about childhood celebrity crushes, and I'm trying to remember. Who was my first celebrity crush? Was it Derek and Alan from the Bay City Rollers or Parker Stevenson from the Hardy Boys? I can't remember which came first. Can you believe I'm admitting these things? I had a pen pal from Germany in 7th grade and she turned me on to the Bay City Rollers before they became super big (shut up--they were, too...for a brief shining moment. S-A-TUR-DAY NIGHT!) in the United States. Probably the last time I was ahead of the coolness curve, truthfully. Sabine eventually stopped writing me--no doubt she sensed my inherent dorkiness, even through the second language barrier. She, of course, was extremely cool. She had an older sister who went to discoteks! Hee. I also had an Irish penpal who jumped horses competitively. I, dork that I was, thought that was even cooler than discoteks. She stopped writing very suddenly, and I always wondered why. This was Ireland in the 70s--lots of IRA bombings, she mentioned them once--I hope she was okay, and merely bored with my nerdiness. Which really wasn't my fault--how cool could you be in a small town in Oklahoma in the 70s? I ask you?!? Of course, I make up for that with my incredible cool now. Hee.

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