Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It seems all I can manage these days are quickies. (You can read into that anything you like. Heh.)

So, the quickie report:

Opening weekend of the show went very well. A woman I didn't know came up to me after the show opening night, said "I feel like I know you, 'cause I've seen you onstage so often...could I...would you mind if I gave you a hug?" Hug away, strange lady! (Yeah, I know...it's cold and flu season. But she seemed healthy.) It was really sweet, if a bit odd. Nice to know you've touched someone's life, in a small way. Looking forward to next weekend, then looking forward to a break before I go back into rehearsals for the next one, probably some time in late January.

Hot Sis is coming back! Apparently she got back home, realized she'd made a mistake (I wonder if Mama read her the riot act), and booked a flight back to Tulsa. She and Nephew will be here Thursday, I believe, so he'll be able to go trick-or-treating, after all. I hope everyone has learned a lesson about regulating medications.

So, yeah...Hot Med and I are still "on," at least for now. Perhaps he'll dump me again when Sis gets back, and he's not so lonely and bored. Or perhaps I'll dump him this time. Uncertainty keeps life interesting, right? He does really, really want to make his own visit back home now, and I think he should, if it's feasible. Two years without seeing your mother is a long time. He asked what I would want him to bring me back as a gift, if he goes. Easy answer--jewelry and scarves. Hee.

"So You Think You Can Dance" is back. Looks like a most excellent Top 20. I'm a little worried about that designated "Paula Abdul Chair," though. Does this show need her wackiness on top of Mary's, for cryin' out loud?!

Okay, consider yourself updated. I'll let you know if there's any strange hugging next weekend. Ha!


3carnations said...

Random stranger hugs. Not my thing, but glad you enjoyed it. :-)

Stefanie said...

That's sweet! A hug from a stranger is not such a bad thing... depending on who the stranger is, of course. "She seemed healthy" cracked me up.

-R- said...

I think the hug was a huge compliment.

I'm glad Hot Med's sister is back.

Stinkypaw said...

That hug was a good thing, she appreciated you and showed it. Nice of you to let her hug you.

Sauntering Soul said...

Stranger hugs are awesome sometimes. A few weeks before I went to Brazil, I had a gay guy at the studio who was all over me after I finished teaching my class (which was only awkward since my dad and his girlfriend were there too). I was okay with him wrapping his arms around me and rubbing my back. Then he started rubbing my ass. Some of you might think this was inappropriate and I suppose it was since I had never met this man before. However, I had not seen HB in 14 months so I have to admit that I didn't tell him to stop. Don't judge me! He was gay and there were 63 people in the studio that night with me. Sometimes you have to take affection whenever you can get it, okay? :-)

georgie girl said...

EEE! i didn't know about the stranger hug from opening night! i was so busy pacing that i was in a daze. you are a total rock star, lady. and the UT review looks good.

is hot med your spare tire then?

flurrious said...

That's odd, but nice. At least she didn't rub your ass.

I've never gone more than a few months without seeing my mom and that was hard enough, so two years makes me feel more kindly toward Hot Med, even though he's not been the best boyfriend recently. At least he didn't rub your ass. Wait ... what?

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's a huge compliment! Years ago, I was in Jesus Christ Superstar at my church. A few weeks after the show was over, I was walking to the store and this woman stopped me to thank me for my performance. It was one of the nicest things anyone had ever said to me and it still makes me smile thinking of it! I am not sure how I would react to a hug though!