Friday, September 05, 2008

Four days and counting

I know it's a far cry from my previous record of 150+ consecutive days of exercise, but I've started again, after a long break, for various reasons including heartbreak, rehearsals and crippling sciatica. So far, so good, though I can definitely feel that my lower back is not as sturdy as it once was, so I'm trying to stay very aware of what I'm doing. Next week I hope to add the yoga back in, as well. I can already feel those endorphins swimming.

Which is a good thing, since the rest of my life still pretty much sucks. Heh.

I know I keep saying it, but I am really about to give up on dating. It seems that none of the men whose profiles I find interesting at all have any interest at all in me. And vice-versa. It's discouraging, to say the least. I think I'm a pretty interesting person--why do only boring men want anything to do with me? Gah.

I am so glad the political conventions are over. Why? Because I am the sole blue spot in a VERY red workplace, and I'm tired of sticking my fingers in my ears and chanting "la, la, la." They don't say anything directly to me, but this is a physically small place, and I can hear every word of it. It goes on year-round, of course, but it's worse when things are actually happening. And there's nothing I can do to stop it, no "human resources" department to complain to, because the most vocal of them are the owners themselves. So, I just pop in some soothing music and crank up the stereo a bit.

Yesterday, in his defense, the boss did stop by my desk and apologize if they'd gotten a little carried away "with the jumping up and down." (In delight over Sarah Palin, and mostly figurative, fortunately.) I just smiled, pointed to the stereo, and said "that's why I cranked up the music." What I wanted to say, and perhaps should have said, was "that's okay, as long as you don't mind if I do the same when my candidate wins in November." Heh. There are some small amusements to be found here, when one particularly uninformed (but no less vigorous in asserting opinions) co-worker said, "I thought sure McCain was going to pick Mitch Romney." Yes, "Mitch." Sigh.

I'm getting even in my own little passive-aggressive way, though. Today I actually wore my black "I Did Not Vote for Bush" wristband. I usually don't wear it to work. Go, me. (Yes, I know. I am lame. But still employed.) Now I just have to get through the inevitable post-debate discussions.

Okay, moving on.

I know I've mentioned a time or two (or twelve) about the ongoing construction work on my street, and the headaches it's caused. Well, long story short, the base of my driveway had been a giant mud puddle for weeks due to an nonfunctioning storm drain, my car and driveway were disgusting, and I decided to call last week to see when I could expect them to finish the job and remedy the situation. "Maybe not until spring." Unacceptable!! I got a little testy--"you mean I have to live through the winter with a giant ICE FLOE at the base of my driveway?" The supervisor (who previously showed his ability to suck up satisfactorily) got a bit testy in return--"I can't change the schedule to accommodate one person." "Why not? I'm the only one who's having to deal with this!" (Seriously, what kind of excuse is that? Let's take that reasoning and extrapolate: "We can't send this man to jail. He only robbed ONE person." Okay, I exaggerate, but you get my point.) A bit of back and forth, and he offers a possible temporary fix. I say that sounds great, let's try it, and thank him for his time.

Flash forward a few days, the fix is done, I wait for it to rain to see how the fix performs, Gustav obliges with a nice downpour, and...yay! It's not perfect, but it is SO much better. So I call the guy to tell him it's better and thank him.

"You're calling to thank me?" He sounds disbelieving. "Well, yeah," I say, "I figure if I can call to complain, I can also call to thank you for responding to my complaint." "No one has EVER called to thank me," he says, "they only call to gripe." He sounds a bit emotional. "You have my cell number," he added, "so feel free to call me if you need anything at all."

Awww...I think I made his day. I'm so glad I called.

Speaking of calling...I did NOT ever call Ordinary Guy back. He didn't call again, so I think he took the hint, and besides (enormous rationalization coming), his message really didn't ask a question that required an answer OR request a response, when I think of it. It basically went like this: "Hey, this is Ordinary Guy. I'm just calling to say calling to say hey." (I know, how could I fail to be attracted to such a sparkling conversationalist?)

Now, if he had said, "I had a great time--let's do it again soon!" or "Hey, what are you doing this weekend?" I might have felt more obligation to respond. But he didn't, so I didn't. Am I splitting hairs? Maybe...but I just didn't feel like being the bigger person this time. Sue me.

There's really nothing else to report, I guess, except that Lil' Mama's fourth kitten still manages to evade me, as does the FIFTH! Yes, there are two of them still out there, and though I have seem them once, very close by, they don't seem to be falling for the trap. Damn. I'd try Plan B, if I had a Plan B. Sigh.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Sauntering Soul said...

I think it's awesome that you called that guy to say thank you. I should do that the next time I have a complaint that actually gets addressed. That means I will not be making any thank you calls to the City of Atlanta Water Department since my landlord and I have been in battle with them since November of last year.

3carnations said...

Mitch Romney. Heh.

I have 2 bosses. One a very outspoken Democrat, and the other a Republican. It's just one of many ways these two guys are totally the odd couple. It's actually kind of fun to watch. :)

Umm...The guy who gave you the temporary fix and "you have my cell phone number if you need anything"...any chance he's single? You two seem to have a good rapport. :)

-R- said...

I'm sorry things are sucking. But I do think it is great that you called the guy to thank him!

gorillabuns said...

Even though I'm married, I'm beginning to think most men are just plain boring.

Stinkypaw said...

You did good by calling the supervisor back. Too often we tend to forget to thank people. Nice gesture.

Take it easy with the exercise, slowly but surely and painfree!

Good luck with the kitties and try to enjoy your weekend.

Noelle said...

My company owners are very Republican, and I think that's why I get so involved with the politics on the internet. I don't really want to debate them, so I'm happy to let the websites do the debating for me.

The Coconut Diaries said...

Puh-leeze, if that guy can't handle a name like Mitt how is he gonna get through Willow, Bristol, Trak, Trig, and rest of the Palin kids??

Why not date the phone guy? You know HE can hold a conversation, has a job, and is already impressed by you!

Tony B. Loney said...

I have better than a Plan "B." It's called "Plan Nine From Outer Space."

lizgwiz said...

ss, ah yes, that's the key...they have to actually do something that's worth being thanked for!

3car, I've never actually laid eyes on...let's call him "Randy." (I'll call him that, 'cause that's his name. Hee.) What if he has stubby fingers or something? ;)

-r-, I keep waiting for my good karma to kick in. Still waiting.

gbuns, I know plenty of interesting men...they're just all married to or dating my friends. Sigh.

stinky, I've done enough complaining lately that is does feel REALLY good to be the nice one!

noelle, I know exactly how you feel. I really don't want to be debating this stuff at work. If they could just take their discussions down a notch, I could happily pretend I don't even know their political affiliation.

coconut, they do have some doozies there, don't they? Maybe those are all moose-gutting terms. Eww.

'toin, well... you know MY "plan." ;)

Mariposa said...

Glad your back with your exercises and WOOT to plan on getting back to yoga!

An old friend once gave me a very good advice on dating and searching Mr. Right. He told me the following--

(1) Stop searching
(2) Decide on what I really wants from a what can make me stay with a person for 24 hours without getting bored...pissed...tired!
(3) Make a realistic profile of a good husband...father. (Not a bf, take note!)
(4) Surround yourself with people falling into those categories I've figured above...which means going to places I usually don't go...etc...etc.

Guess what, that is how I found my IT Guy! :p

Hope that made you smile...sending you (((HUGS)))

nancypearlwannabe said...

Meh. Screw Ordinary Guy. There are millions of ordinary guys. You need to find Mr. Awesome!

Melliferous Pants said...

150 continuous days?! HOLY CRAP! That's awesome.

I'm sorry about the heartache. Men can be a serious pain in the ass...and head. I hope being active helps you work through the hurt.

I have been purposely ignoring all of my neighbors because everyone is all ra, ra, fucking McCain and it makes me cry.

Tony B. Loney said...

Where does one go about getting the black "I did not for bush" armband? Or wristband. Whichever.

I wore my new Barack the Vote t-shirt today. I may have imagined it, but I think some people found it a tad insulting.

Stefanie said...

The owners of my company are very Republican, too. I can't wait for my "Vote Obama Biden" sticker from Move On to arrive. Also, have I mentioned Palin terrifies me? TERRIFIES.

That was so sweet of you to call the construction guy back to thank him. I think you actually made his WEEK!