Friday, April 06, 2007

Whatever pops your corn.

I had another of my weird celebrity dreams last night...well, "celebrity" only in the loosest of terms, I suppose. This one I really, really don't get. Before I tell you who it involved, I would like to declare unequivocally that, unlike some of my other slightly odd celebrity crushes, I have (or had, since he's dead) absolutely no desire to hit, tap or in any way get a piece of this guy. That said, I suppose I should reveal to you that the star of my somewhat romantic, though not truly erotic dream was...let's just call him Morville Bedenracher. (I don't really want people googling his popcorn to end up here reading this!)

In my defense, I wasn't really "playing" myself in this particular movie-like dream. And perhaps "movie" is too grand a term; it was at most a Lifetime movie, not a feature film. Also in my defense, he looked much better than my dream than he ever did in the popcorn commercials. He was, of course, much older than me, but he wasn't wearing the goofy glasses, the bow-tie or loud sports jacket, and his hair looked better. He was Morville, though, for sure (I know, I know--I don't get it, either). I was married to him in the dream, his third wife, his second wife having been a gold-digging bitch who stomped on his poor little heart. (His first wife having died, apparently. That was sort of vague.) I seemed to really love old Morville, and he was very, very sweet to me. He was also filthy rich. (Okay, that part was sort of fun.) No crazy plot twists or turns, really. We took a trip to see the house he had grown up in; we went to check out a new restaurant he was opening--nothing but desserts. Nothing but lots and lots of creamy, tasty, gooey desserts. (Okay, that part was also kind of fun.) Then it turned sad, as old Morville had a heart attack and died in my arms. (Okay, I just googled, and Morville really DID die of a heart attack, while in a hot tub. He died on my birthday, actually. That's a little freaky.)

Okay, I have a couple of theories about the cause/deeper meaning of this dream.

1. I've been posting about my grandparents, and have old people on the brain.

2. Morville dedicated his life to preventing "old maids," and the dream had something to do with my (mostly) repressed fears about ending up old and alone. The fact that the dream started with us in bed (Did I forget to mention that? It did, though it wasn't overly racy.) was some sort of cosmic joke about "popping" old maids. Hee.

What do you think?


Noelle said...

I think, and I hope that when we dream the brain takes random things from one side and mixes them up with random things from the other side, because that would explain why I dreamed of some guy from college that I haven't thought of in years moving to the street that I grew up on but had been magically transported to my current hometown. I really hope that has no meaning, and damn, popcorn would be good right now.

guinness girl said...

Holy crap. Please tell me there was no sex with Morville in this dream. Please. Or I will have nightmares tomorrow.

stefanie said...

Oh my. I'm sure I had something else to say, but "popping old maids" just swept whatever else I was thinking right out of my brain. Ew.

-R- said...

What do I think? Oh My God. That is all.

georgeious said...

you are a demented and sick pervert lady. i heart you.

Stinkypaw said...

I think you are having really scary dreams, sweet but I'd say disturbing!

Sparkling Cipher said...

Thank you, but I did not need that picture stuck in my head. It's almost as bad as the knowledge that there is a sex tape featuring Screech out there.

No more popcorn and more Brad Pitt movies before bed, eh?

lizgwiz said...

noelle, it does seem pretty random sometimes! And popcorn does sound good..

gg, there was no explicit sex in the dream, thank goodness. There was sort of the implication that there had been sex before the dream started, but my subconscious kindly glossed over that part for me.

stef, it just had to be said, though, didn't it? ;)

-r-, exactly.

george, Morville is a bit sick even for me, though, don't you think?

stinkypaw, one of these days I'm going to have to write these all down and go to a dream analyst, I think!

sparkling, yeah, no one in the world needs to see Screech having sex! Ewww. I did think it was funny, though, that the tape was mysteriously "leaked" to the internet shortly after his t-shirt sales failed to generate enough cash to keep him from losing his house. Coincidence? Yeah, right. ;)

Edge said...

Was there porn music in the dream? If there was porn music it had nothing to do with corn popping. Although SOMETHING was getting popped.


metalia said...

You are a dirty girl, Miss Liz! (Have you seen Darren's post on the object of your fancy? It'll really get you going... :)

Michael Patterson said...

Was there porn music in the dream? If there was porn music it had nothing to do with corn popping. Although SOMETHING was getting popped. ~Jef