Friday, December 08, 2006

Sweet dreams

I've always had very vivid dreams. Often they're just like a movie--they have plots, camera angles, blackouts and fades. Sometimes I'm a character in them, sometimes I'm an actor playing a character. Those are kind of fun 'cause I know I'm acting, and I'm going to wake up, and I needn't get too stressed about any less-than-desirable plot twists. They often co-star famous people. Sometimes, they fail to rise to the level of "film" and--much like my life-- resemble a poorly written sitcom. Last night's was pretty much a standard rom-com. I was playing myself in this one. Steve Martin was playing himself, as well. Hee.

Basically, Steve and I were a pair of star-crossed lovers, meeting every few years, feeling the vibe, and yet never in the right place at the right time. Our first meeting was when the father of one of my elementary-through-high school friends (a real person, though I haven't thought about her in years, and don't know why she suddenly popped up in my dreamland) hired him to do his early standup act at one of her birthday parties. (That never happened in real life, of course, though she did always have good birthday parties.) We clicked immediately, naturally (the famous people who star in my dreams always just love me), danced, flirted, and then regretfully parted ways, as I was heading off to college soon and just too young to get seriously involved. We met again a few years later--I ran into him somewhere and we both remembered our initial meeting, clicked again, of course, but for some reason couldn't undertake an actual relationship, though there was, of course, some necking. (This was pretty much a PG-13 dream, dang it.) On it went. We met a couple more times through the years--more flirting, more kissy-face--but always something keeping us apart. (Damn you, fate! *Shakes fist at the sky*) And then, finally, the last big scene. I run into him again. We're both much older. We've both failed to find that ONE TRUE LOVE we're meant to be with. But this time, this time, he's with a fairly attractive, much younger woman. Sob. He's delighted to see me, though, and invites me to join them for a drink. She's wearing a good-sized sparkler on her all-important finger and talking animatedly about wedding plans. I am crushed, CRUSHED, I tell you, but decide to probe her for details in an effort to gain some closure. She excitedly answers questions about flowers, dresses and cake, as I grow more and more (visibly) dejected, and Steve infuriatingly smiles like a fool. And then, and then, the denouement: She's his ASSISTANT! Steve is generously paying for her wedding, to her hometown boyfriend in OHIO! He knew the whole time that I thought he was the intended bridegroom, but let me go on thinking it, since he knew how much sweeter it would be when I found out that finally, finally, our paths had crossed at the right time! And then we fell rapturously into each other's arms. Of course, this being a PG-13 movie, it ended before we actually got to consummate our newly re-found love. Drat. And hee.

So, anybody care to do a dream analysis on THAT? Do I just want to marry a movie star? (And yes, for the record, I have always found Steve Martin to be attractive. So it's not like I dreamed a romantic comedy for myself with Kid Rock or K-Fed or Toby Keith. Shudder.)


average blogger said...

I don't do analysis, but I will say it's too bad it wasn't real -- you could have saved him from himself before he did those Cheaper by the Dozen flicks. Cringe.

guinness girl said...

Really? A thing for Steve Martin, huh? That cracks me up for some reason. I once had a dream featuring Sean Astin, which was unfortunate, as I've never really had a crush on him, especially in his post-Hobbit days. Perhaps even more unfortunate is the fact that it was, er, kind of a racy dream. Starring Sean Astin. Er, yeah. Ew.

lizgwiz said...

ab: I certainly would have done so, given the chance. Those movies were embarassing for both Steve and Bonnie Hunt. Yowza.

GG: Sean Astin doesn't really do it for me, either, but I can certainly think of worse. See post re: Kid Rock, K-Fed, Toby Keith. Hee.

Yez said...

GG, shut up, Steve Martin has always been adorable :-} Okay, as Rupert in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, not so much, but in the rest of that movie and everywhere else I've seen him, yum. Fortunately, I've never seen the Cheaper by the Dozen movies. Really? Movies so bad that even Bonnie Hunt can't save them? {{{Boggle}}} I love her.

LOL, Lizgwiz, I say you have very good taste in dream suitors. I too have known the agony of the rom-com PG dream, but mine was with Richard Dreyfus! (I'm pretty sure I would tower over him, but I do. not. care.)

don't call me MA'AM said...

Personally, I found him adorable as Rupert... especially when he asks to if he can go to the bathroom. haha

I think he's cute, too. Who wouldn't want The Jerk? And his special purpose??? ;-)

georgeious said...

yeah, what's wrong with having a thing for steve martin? no shame in that, for sure. my celebrity dreams usually revolve around the person knowing who i am but unable to recall my name. so it ends up in a bunch of "hey you" like maybe i'm waering an elephant nose or something like that to obscure my true identity. now what does that one mean?

p.s. i saw wonder bread in the store the other day and thought of you. how sappy is that?

lizgwiz said...

yez & dcmm: I'm glad I'm not the only Steve Martin fan around! (And yez--DON'T EVER see the "Cheaper" movies--spare yourself the pain. I hope Steve and Bonnie both needed kidney transplant money or something.)

George: And I think of you whenever I see my teeny rubber chicken!